Millions mark UN hand-washing day

  The Brigadier 10:34 15 Oct 2008

Millions of children around the world are marking the United Nations' first Global Handwashing Day.

In India, cricket star Sachin Tendulkar will be leading the campaign that will see children across South Asia simultaneously washing their hands.

The UN says it wants to get over the message that this simple routine is one of the most effective ways of preventing killer diseases. Nearly half the world's population do not have access to adequate sanitation.

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  johndrew 11:41 15 Oct 2008

Perhaps a No Spitting campaign would also be of help with the huge increase in TB seen over recent years. It would also help if the streets were kept cleaner by those partaking of food whilst walking around or going home after an evening out.

  Noldi 12:13 15 Oct 2008

"The UN says it wants to get over the message that this simple routine is one"

I suppose it works if you have water to use to wash your hands, for some people that would be a luxury.

800 million malnourished people on this planet. so washing ones hands is only one of many issues that need sorting.


  simonjary 14:12 15 Oct 2008

I'm happy to say that my group (men in London) have the cleanest hands in the land!

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(If you live in or visit Newcastle, get a pair of gloves...)

  Forum Editor 18:41 15 Oct 2008

I'll look forward to our handshake the next time we meet.......but will you?

My private fear is keyboards - I sometimes use other peoples' in the course of my work and I have to say that the state of some of them give me the shivers. Some time ago my wife recommended that I use anti-bacterial hand wipes. They use them in her clinic, and I buy them online. They give me peace of mind, but you can't go around wiping your hands each time you shake hands with someone.

  laurie53 20:09 15 Oct 2008

How many ever think of wiping the earpiece of a communal office phone before clamping it to your ear?

I have seen some frightening bacterial counts from these.

And, of course, there's always the old favourite of bowls of peanuts/ crisps etc. in pubs or at parties!

  VCR97 20:13 15 Oct 2008

Don't forget the handles on the exit doors of public conveniences.

  laurie53 08:17 16 Oct 2008

One of my worst experiences - noting that the guy leaving before me had not washed his hands, then finding the door handle wet!

  Condom 14:04 16 Oct 2008

Must be an age thing. Left the washing machine off today and did my smalls and socks by hand. Just like the good old days. Wrong again. Never mind I'll keep taking the pills. lol.

  Grey Goo 16:20 16 Oct 2008

Been a lot of handwashing lately - of the Pontius Pilate type unfortunately.

  GRIDD 20:25 16 Oct 2008

Immune System anyone?

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