Millions to get weather pay-outs !

  perpetual motion 22:00 06 Jan 2009

Ooo this is a bit of good news for some of us, Payments have been increased from a mear £8.50 pw to £25...

click here

  tullie 22:03 06 Jan 2009

We know

  MCE2K5 23:02 06 Jan 2009

Not for me.

  wellshgit 23:20 06 Jan 2009

this is the second time.

  Quickbeam 07:42 07 Jan 2009

Will the Inland Revenue take a compassionate line and give us something back too...?

  Quickbeam 07:43 07 Jan 2009

I've just been told that that is one of my daftest thoughts;)

  spuds 10:42 07 Jan 2009

I am all for the generous mood of the government and the tax payer. Keep the 'extra' payments rolling states me and mine. Do you think that there is any chance of getting some fur lined safety grip snow boots. I have got the silly 'senior citizens' hat and coat :o)

Would mention that we have had the Christmas bonus of £10 plus the winter fuel allowance,which partly paid the leccy and gas bill, but still waiting for these little extra incentives.All donations very welcome.

  egapup 16:19 07 Jan 2009

I'll qualify next winter.....

  caccy 16:36 07 Jan 2009

Don't all get too excited.

Haven't we got to spend it as soon as possible to get the (GB) economy going again?

  laurie53 19:35 07 Jan 2009

That's the trouble with living in Scotland - the weather's too warm for us to qualify!

I've never had a cold weather payment yet.

  newman35 19:44 07 Jan 2009

But these payments don't go to all pensioners, do they?
I understood they only go to those pensioners claiming other 'top-up' type benefits as well (ie if you have other incomes you will not qualify).

Anyway, what do us hardened Scotland dwellers need extra for anyway - let those namby-pamby Southerners have it, they cannot handle it!! (;-0)

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