Millionairess Maddona wins appeal.

  john bunyan 18:19 12 Jun 2009

There was a thread about Maddona's attempt to adopt a child some time ago. I am sorry to have been correct in forecasting this millionaire would win the appeal. Am I cynical over African courts - yes.I wish I wasn't.

  WhiteTruckMan 18:29 12 Jun 2009

wealth and celebrity should not be allowed to circumvent the law, no matter what the nation.

On the other, I'd hate to be the one to tell this child, when fully grown, that they were denied the opportunity of living with a millionairess, fed, clothed, educated and never having to worry about medical care.


  Forum Editor 18:54 12 Jun 2009

There are times when high moral principles on the part of one person can work against the interests of another, and this is probably one of those occasions.

I'm no Madonna fan, but that's not the point. She will provide this child with a secure future.

  john bunyan 18:57 12 Jun 2009

I agree with FE and WTM. However I wonder why a "local" child was not selected? I suppose in the end the child will be brought up ,like royalty, by nannies etc, and will thrive.

  johndrew 19:21 12 Jun 2009

It may be OK for the children involved but how about the relations left in Uganda? The little girl has a Grandmother and Uncles; will they be deprived of contact? The boy also has family who may not have the contact they want.

If the families were guilty of other than poverty then permitting the children to be removed in such a way may be reasonable; however, this is not the case.

To deprive any immediate family in this way is quite cruel and similar situations have been demonstrated even in the UK where parents become separated. I believe that it would have been substantially better for financial support to have been provided to the families of these children thus providing for their welfare within their own social environment.

Providing them with nannies and bringing them up like royalty is not really a substitute for a stable, consistent and caring family. Given the lifestyle demonstrated by those artists within the popular music industry, I have a concern that these children may well be used as `show pieces` to prove how `caring` the individual is rather than how good and/attentive as a mother should be.

  wiz-king 19:57 12 Jun 2009

It is not just one child that Madonna is helping, she has also funded a raft of 'good works' in the country which will help lots of other children.

  Quickbeam 20:59 12 Jun 2009

the first time this was discussed that Maddona has enough money to buy anything she wants...

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