Milliband has it right, for once

  john bunyan 15:49 10 Apr 2015

I thought this would shake the spider's web:


In earlier debates here the SNP supporters have argued that Scotland, with either independence or Devo Max would thrive. I never thought I would agree with Milliband, but on this one he is correct- I really wish my Scottish friends would look at "disinterested" economists views rather than swallowing Sturgeon's propaganda.

Interesting, too that oil seems to have been found in the South.

Bring on Devo Max. Just get the Scots to chip in, say, 2% towards national defence, 0.7% for overseas aid, and a fair small % for federal issues like foreign embassies, MI5, MI 6 , GCHQ etc. Other than that let them have full fiscal responsibility , including keeping their geographic proportion of oil taxation. Maybe England could use the savings in Barnett formula for reducing University fees.

  john bunyan 17:33 10 Apr 2015


An interesting link. Maybe, if they are that clever, MI5 will give the Tories an absolute majority in Scotland and rUK!

I suspect that the totality of postal voting, rigged or not, is insufficient to change a referendum's result.

I hope Devo Max comes quickly , together with a long term Union. I think we should not stray back into Trident; If we agree that Defence needs 2% overall, then any savings from its cancellation would stay within the defence budget.

Maybe, again , we are worryingly not far apart in our views.

  Forum Editor 19:25 10 Apr 2015

Welcome to the wonderful world of electioneering. There will be more of this before the fat lady sings.

The important thing to remember is that the party leaders have lots of opportunity to come out will all these 'facts' about each others' policies and goings on when there isn't an election in the offing, but by and large they don't.

Their party machines get busy at election time, so we're deluged with information and innuendo.

My advice is read the manifestos, and make voting judgements based on them. They are the record by which subsequent action and/or inaction will be judged.

  john bunyan 19:32 10 Apr 2015


So looks like Spider is 1-0 up on this one

I thought spider 9 believed very little that is published - not the Times, or as he calls them, the Daily Wail nor the Torygraph. Maria seems to be believed uncritically!

But you ,as a Scot, are disqualified from voting. Anyway he has conceded he will buy me a wee dram on another thread. I suppose that has gone now - your view means I owe him one in return!!

Roll on Devo Max!

  john bunyan 19:35 10 Apr 2015

Forum Editor

Quite right, of course. However a bit of "friendly" banter on here can do no harm - I suspect we are more genuine in our beliefs (right or wrong) than many politicians ,too many of whom have never done a "proper" job!

  john bunyan 14:11 11 Apr 2015


I am in favour of really pushing tidal and solar anyway. With battery technology improving solar will become more viable, and as an Island we should use the tides more. In the case of Scotland I would have thought they could have a far greater hydro - electic production than at present.

  john bunyan 15:54 11 Apr 2015


Without "carbon capture", coal fired power stations are increasingly doomed throughout the UK, if we are to meet CO2 emission targets. I do not know the politics of it but it would seem eminently sensible to encourage Scotland to sell "green" hydro electric energy to the south.

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