morddwyd 19:25 01 May 2015

I didn't watch the questions last night, but did Milliband really say that he'd rather lose (presumably to Cameron) than work with Sturgeon, or has that been "interpreted " by the pundits?

That's taking the personality cult, or its opposite, a bit far isn't it?

  bumpkin 20:55 01 May 2015

* but carefully avoids mention of vote by vote (by refusing to mention it, even when Dimbleby specifically asks!).*

Quite right spider as you say careful wording.

  morddwyd 08:21 02 May 2015

Thank you. As usual, not quite as cut and dried as the commentators would have us believe.

Thanks also for the suggested link but I am reluctant to voluntarily seek yet more of either of them!

  john bunyan 10:19 02 May 2015

If the result is close, Cameron will court the UKIP, Lib Dems, DUP and anyone who will talk to him, and will do some sort of deal. Similarly, Milliband will talk to the Greens, Lib Dems and the SNP, with or without a formal offer of cabinet places. Such is the nature of politics, principles go out of the window when a sniff of power is detected.

I wish that these campaigns were restricted to a couple of weeks. I guess that , unfortunately, more than 50% of the population are uninterested in the whole thing. I heard some interviews with newly enfranchised voters who had not bothered to register to vote, and did not know who was the PM nor other politicians jobs so no wonder the result is uncertain.

  morddwyd 19:42 02 May 2015

Repeat answer, so my apologias if this has already appeared.

"Why bother asking the original question if you don't want the answer, anyway?"

Because I wanted the distilled wisdom of this forum!

If I wanted the indeterminable election programmes I have missed I would have gone to catch-up.

I'm sorry if you thought it was a wasted effort, but I did appreciate it.

  wee eddie 19:47 02 May 2015

Once the Election results are in. All previous statements are history.

Our Politicians will form alliances wherever they feel that they will gain the most benefit

  morddwyd 10:18 03 May 2015

Milliband's latest is that there will be no "special deals" for Scotland.

click here he really determined to wipe out Labour in Scotland?

Now before you all start to howl, think a little

Every politician knows that different regions have different needs, that is why we have Regional Development Boards and the like.

Whether it be 5p off fuel duty in the Islands, farm subsidies in France or rescue assistance in the Med different regions need these "special deals" for different reasons and most politicians fight pretty hard for their particular region (as witness Margaret and the EU rebate).

For Milliband to rule them out for one particular region before he's even elected shows a total lack of understanding, not just of the regions, but his electorate too.


  Forum Editor 11:44 03 May 2015


....Wonder why Scots & Welsh are reviled and the Irish are courted?

You're making the elementary mistake of thinking that all Scottish people and all Welsh people are SNP or Plaid Cymru supporters, which of course isn't true.

David Miliband is ruling out arrangements with those two parties for idealogical reasons - not racial ones.

  Forum Editor 18:42 03 May 2015


"That was the hypocrisy that you simply ignored. What is this 'idealogy' you talk about him having?"

There's no hypocrisy in a political party leader stating that there are idealogical differences which would prevent party A from entering into a coalition agreement with party B.

An idealogy in a political context is a collection of ideals which form the basis for a manifesto at election time, and that is presumably what prompted David Miliband to say what he did. The same thing - idealogy - is behind Nick Clegg's 'red line' statement - he's saying much the same thing in a different way.

There's not much point in going to the polls wearing a coat of one colour on the top, and whipping it off to reveal another colour underneath when things don't go quite as you would have liked. I'm certainly not a Labour party supporter, but I am a supporter of the right of the voter to know what he or she is being asked to vote for - at least as far as is possible in the rather unreal political climate prevailing at the moment.

The next few days should be interesting.

  wee eddie 20:03 03 May 2015

No spider, you are a Politician who, very understandibly, will say whatever is necessary to get the votes

  Al94 13:17 05 May 2015

Now Richard Littlejohn has his say! Littlejohn

An extremely accurate assessment of Miliband and the whole campaign to date.

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