Miliband bottles it

  961 13:59 08 Oct 2010

Shadow Chancellor........Alan Johnson
Shadow Home Secretary....Ed Balls
Shadow Foreign Secretary.Yvette Cooper

Nothing like picking the talent and then giving them a job about which they have no experience

  sunnystaines 14:21 08 Oct 2010

Ed Balls always gives me the impression of being a bit like prescott, how did he get chosen for a post or do i see him just on days when he comes across so very bad .

the other two seem ok.

  johndrew 14:54 08 Oct 2010

He also bottled it when it came to getting married and having his name on his child's birth certificate.

  Woolwell 15:07 08 Oct 2010

Alan Johnson as Shadow Chancellor - I can see little in his history (apart from his union membership) click here which seems to make him at all suitable for the job.

  spuds 15:27 08 Oct 2010

When you are struggling for hopefuls or supporters, I suppose that you have to be 'selective'?.

I wonder if his brother will be a minister 'without portfolio' ;o)

  natdoor 15:34 08 Oct 2010

Perhaps you will be surprised to learn that George Osborne has no financial or economic qualifications or background. He has never had a job out of politics, although he did once apply to be a trainee journalist with the Daily Telegraph but was rejected.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:35 08 Oct 2010

'Nothing like picking the talent and then giving them a job about which they have no experience'...most Prime Ministers have no experience originally. It's not like there is a university course or home learning course.

'Alan Johnson as Shadow Chancellor - I can see little in his history'...the ministers are 'guided' by civil servants. 'Yes Minister', although a comedy, was a lot more accurate than you would ever believe. The Civil Service, through ministers, run UK PLC, not the other way round. I suggest a quick read of Will Hutton for some elucidation/clarification on the structur eof the UK Govt.


  Woolwell 15:38 08 Oct 2010

For natdoor and GANDALF <|:-)> of course I knew that but it has given you the opportunity to point it out.

  Snec 16:21 08 Oct 2010

UsualGANDALF <|:-)> nonsense. If that was the case then it would matter not a jot who held the ministerial posts... or which party was in Government. Ah, wait a sec -- oh, on refelction he may be right.

  natdoor 17:19 08 Oct 2010

I was fairly certain that you would know about Osborne. I was just surprised that, this being the case, you felt it necessary to knock Johnson.

  Woolwell 17:25 08 Oct 2010

I'm not particularly knocking Johnson (although I agree it came across that way) but reflecting on how someone can hold office without any real relevant experience (and like Osborne). There are many things to admire about Johnson and how he has managed to rise to fairly important jobs.

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