Migrants' advice packs proposed

  sl2 12:56 04 Feb 2008

Maybe they should demand migrants study how things are done over here b4 they are accepted into the uk & they apply to enter the uk from there country & not just turn up, further more how about the money going to be spent on these "welcome packs" be invested in getting some dentist clinic's opened here ive not been able to see one for 5 yrs & i cant get registered anywhere...

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  wolfie3000 13:08 04 Feb 2008

i think its a good idea but may need to be reviewed,
Just put yourself in there shoes, you come to a country with so many cultural differences, it could get confusing,

And they say its for skilled immigrants, so it should help our economy,

  Cymro. 13:37 04 Feb 2008

As you say wolfie3000 "And they say its for skilled immigrants, so it should help our economy,"

Some people are much too apt complain about immigration. Don`t they realize that our economy can benefit so much from such people coming to settle and work in this country?

Just think of the even bigger mess our NHS would be in if it was not for all the immigrants who work in it, both the highly skilled and those who have to do all the dirty jobs that we don`t want.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:56 04 Feb 2008

So you would work packing/picking vegetables for the minimum wage and then be left with £20 after your gangmaster has deducted money for accommodation?


  interzone55 15:53 04 Feb 2008

Perhaps France & Spain should do the same for the Brits who move there?

My Mother-In-Law's neighbours have gone to France.

Their excuse (said completely without irony) "This country's gone to the dogs with all the immigrants". When I pointed out to them that they will be immigrants in France and can't speak a word of the language it just went straight over their heads.

  Totally-braindead 16:10 04 Feb 2008

If you move to a country to live or to work you should fit in with the culture that is there. You should not expect that everyone else should bend over backwards to suit you.

If I moved to a foreign country I would expect to learn the language and to learn what is and isn't acceptable behaviour as well as what their laws and customs are and act accordingly. If anyone is incapable of doing that then they should just go back to wherever they came from.

Therefore the packs might be a good idea. How much it costs and whether the money might be better spent elsewhere is debatable.

I admit it might be confusing for some migrants but surely the onus should be on them to find out what is and is not acceptable behaviour.

  Forum Editor 18:07 04 Feb 2008

to other European countries, and know next to nothing about the laws and customs of the country they move to - quite apart from not being able to string a sentence together in the native language.

I'm all for immigrants taking some kind of a test before being granted UK citizenship, but remember that European Union citizens have a right to live and work in another country within the union.

  robgf 02:02 05 Feb 2008

Just give them a Lonely Planet guide to the UK, when they enter, it already has all the useful info you need to know.
Would save lots of money on duplicating the work, creating a special advice pack.

  jorel 02:13 05 Feb 2008

I live in another country (Hungary) for six months of the year and I have at least had the courtesy to ensure that I am aware of the laws and traditions, or as aware as one can be, and know a few basic phrases. Although saying that, having a Hungarian missus does help somewhat.
The point is, one should expect to fit in with the laws and culture of the host country that anyone emigrates to rather than expect that country to adapt to you.

  laurie53 09:43 05 Feb 2008

I lived in another country for seven years. I was not able to learn the language, not least because most of the inhabitants spoke English and, with the courtesy inherent in most other countries, once people realised that I was having difficulty they spoke English to me, even in Paris!

I was able to order food and drink and greet people in their own language - they all insisted that was all I needed.

However, and this is my point, I did not wash my car, or hang washing out, on a Sunday because I knew this was frowned upon.

You don't need to totally embrace your new country, but you should try to fit in.

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