Microwaved baby !!

  charmingman 14:50 09 Sep 2008


click here

  peter99co 15:03 09 Sep 2008

You do not have to go abroad to find such horrific people. We have our own brand of baby killers this side of the pond.

I am not going to add to this post by giving examples though.

At least when found guilty the Americans know how to punish people like this.

  €dstowe 15:51 09 Sep 2008

I'll give an example click here

  babybell 15:59 09 Sep 2008

I was disgusted to see on the TV last night a sketch show 'Comedy' called Katy Brands Big Ass Show or something like that on BBC3 around 10 o'clock. In this one sketch she plays the Devil but it's set in modern times and no one knows she is Satan. In the scene this couple ask her to be a god parent to their new child and she says 'No I'm not very good with kids' then the parents tell her to hold the baby whilst they look for something and you see her in the background hitting the baby on the cabinet and tables before putting her in the microwave and turning it on. The scene ended with both parents doing a comical scream to the camera. I know its not meant to be taken seriously but there is obviously a line to what can be shown on telly and this certainly crossed it!

  babybell 16:01 09 Sep 2008

It was actually ITV

  GRIDD 16:04 09 Sep 2008

This just happened where I am from click here

  AL47 18:00 09 Sep 2008

microwave, that is so sick, cant imagine that tbh, death penalty i say

as for being on tv im not a fan of censoring anything like that,

  Forum Editor 18:33 09 Sep 2008

who have great difficulty functioning on a day to day basis. Such people find it hard to cope with managing their own lives, let alone bringing up a child. The children of such parents are condemned to a life of misery from the moment of their birth, and one of the saddest aspects of our 21st century society is that we seem unable to come up with much in the way of solutions.

Child cruelty has been with us since the dawn of civilisation, and no doubt it will be with us for a very long time to come.

  irishrapter 19:10 09 Sep 2008

It’s ironic that there are good people out there wiling to adopt children but have to go through so much red tape in order to be approved and for good reason to.
However, there are no such laws or regulations that need to be approved in order to conceive, give birth and raise your own child.

  Al94 19:11 09 Sep 2008

Im afraid we have another recent one here click here

  GRIDD 21:05 09 Sep 2008

Al94 see my link.

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