Microwave woes

  Peterkins777 07:26 06 Jan 2009

Hi everyone, I am getting desperate with my microwave! It has begun to start and stop, start and stop until it turns the clock off and dies completely. I took it to be repaired and the motor was changed, got it back home and had the same problem, took it back to the electrician and it worked perfectly, brought it home, doesn't work! tried it in different sockets, doesn't work, took it to a friends house worked perfectly, the electrician can not repair it as far as he is concerned there's no problem with it. Any ideas? Many thanks Peter

  Quickbeam 07:34 06 Jan 2009

You can get another for the cost you've already run up repairs and grief...

  €dstowe 08:49 06 Jan 2009

If this thing works in other locations, you ought to get your house wiring checked.

  newman35 08:54 06 Jan 2009

" took it back to the electrician and it worked perfectly, brought it home, doesn't work"

Just Sod's law in full flight.
Bin it and buy new.

  jack 09:08 06 Jan 2009

It is more likely a circuit fault in the house wiring.
Check[or have checked] the socket into which it is plugged.-
May be nothing more than a cable popped out/loose .
Consider what else is operating on the same circuit- and switch it off.

  newman35 09:31 06 Jan 2009

"Check[or have checked] the socket into which it is plugged."

But he'd already said he had tried it in other sockets at his home. Unlikely to be loose-wires in all of those sockets, surely?

Could try plugging in some type of 'heater', hair dryer etc., into each socket and trying to get it to not work. Otherwise I still suspect the microwave,

  Noels 10:56 06 Jan 2009

Resolved it with a squirt of WD 40. With mine when you shut the door there are two flat metal pegs which fit into two flat holes in the door jamb. One of these operates a switch and in someway the timer. It took me a long time but I eventualy came to the conclusion that the switch was sticking. Anyway a squirt of WD 40 fixed it.
Hope this helps.

  jakimo 11:17 06 Jan 2009

Why not borrow a neighbours microwave and see what happens,does sounds like a wall socket problem,or have you tried it on another wall socket

  €dstowe 15:24 06 Jan 2009

The WD40 solution doesn't explain why the machine works at other places than Peterkins777 property.

A flat I had when I was a student had all sorts of strange and seemingly random electrical happenings - things switching on and off of their own volition and suchlike. It was traced eventually to a loose connection on the electricity board's input to the property which, when subjected to a heavy load, would spark and lose its contact.

  Peterkins777 16:23 06 Jan 2009

Hi everyone, many thanks for the comments, I have tried the micro in all the sockets with no joy. All other equipment works fine so it doesn't look like a faulty socket, tried the neighbours micro worked fine, took mine to her house worked fine!I don't want to dump the thing as it was rather expensive and only three years old. I forgot to say it's one of those with a grill etc, but can't see that this would make a difference. Peter

  natdoor 17:26 06 Jan 2009

Why not swap microwaves with your neighbour?

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