Microwave question

  exdragon 09:07 30 Nov 2010

Just noticed that the seal to the inner glass panel of my microwave door appears to have failed as there is now condensation forming between the inner and outer glass panels.

Does this mean it's time for a new one? My previous microwave gave up the ghost a couple of weeks before Christmas a few years ago, so do I have to add more expenditure to the car tax, insurance, MOT, service, Relay cover, new specs, Christmas presents......

  birdface 09:20 30 Nov 2010

Don't be silly wait till after Xmas and before January the 4th.VAT goes up then.
Looks like it is on it's way out whether it is worth fixing would be Doubtful.
You can still use it but it just doesn't look right so maybe think about a new one.
I take it the guarantee is expired.

  KremmenUK 09:40 30 Nov 2010

Be wary of Microwaves and broken seals.

Worst case scenario is that some 'waves' could be escaping so don't stand too close when it's cooking.

  woody 10:10 30 Nov 2010

If you can afford xmas presents you can afford a new MW.
Safety comes before giving.
Merry and happy xmas.

  Bingalau 10:17 30 Nov 2010

Microwaves are cheap nowadays. So as Buteman says buy it in the sales but prior to the VAT going up. My first microwave cost me about £200 when i was running a pub. Now you can get a better model for peanuts. In the meantime use an ordinary cooker because microwaves are dangerous.

  exdragon 10:20 30 Nov 2010

So it looks like it will be keeping a weather eye open for the John Lewis sale, then!

  interzone55 10:29 30 Nov 2010

How to test if a microwave leaks:

Unplug it
Put a cordless phone or mobile into the microwave and close the door
Ring the phone
If the phone rings then the microwave leaks

  jack 10:48 30 Nov 2010

Microwaves have a very short travel.
The internals of the chamber focus the emission to to cooking surface.
So IMHO even if there is some risk of escape to the out side- would it not be safe to set the thing to cook- then leave room until the procedure has stopped?
Is this a possible case of 'Overkill' with precautions?
Everything set to the lowest idiot level.
That is not to say do not replace it, but only do so when convenient-certainly this the service by replacement age the cost of repair is so often more than replacement.

  natdoor 12:03 30 Nov 2010

Obviously microwaves when absorbed create heat. That is how they cook. The greatest immediate danger is to the eyes. The aqueous humour can become opaque, in a similar manner to the white of an egg when boiled, causing blindness.

  uk-wizard 12:19 30 Nov 2010

Slight difference in power but microwaves will travel a long way. I have used a 150W microwave source to bounce a signel off the moon and back. So the 750W of a domestic oven will have an effect at quite a long distance. The grill in the door or the metalic coating on the glass should stop the microwave getting out. But you can always get a detector to check click here

  jakimo 12:20 30 Nov 2010

let common sense prevail and dump it

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