Microsoft's virtual storage centre video

  TopCat® 14:15 28 Oct 2008

Take a look inside this complex to see and hear what it's all about. TC. click here

  Forum Editor 15:37 28 Oct 2008

What astonished me is the sheer scale of operations like this, and the thought that this is just one of many data centres like it that are going to be springing up all over the world - just to store the data of people like us. Where does all the information come from, and what is it that has happened to our world to change us from people who, forty years or so ago could store all our personal information in a small filing cabinet in the spare bedroom?

Now we need vast data centres, and gigabytes of storage space for everyone. What's so important to us that it must be stored in this way? Whatever happened to that lever-arch folder with three or four years-worth of letters? Now its dozens of virtual folders and thousands of files filled with....what?

  DippyGirl 15:44 28 Oct 2008

Mostly junk .... how much is *really* important
Just because we can doesnt mean we should

  laurie53 21:05 28 Oct 2008

Never mind electronic security, how's their physical security?

Think of the worldwide chaos and confusion half a dozen determined suicide bombers could cause.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:13 28 Oct 2008

What's wrong with using an 8Gb memory stick?


  donki 22:30 28 Oct 2008

Just watched the BBC report and the pysical security seems very advanced with hand print recognition and the like, very snazzy!

The question that I wanna know is whats the point? It seems that it is for non confidintial dats such as pictures, video and movies. I certainlt wouldnt be keeping personal info until it was proven to be completely safe (which I can never see happening). Looks like a very exspensive project for something that we already have solutions for i.e. portable storage devices.

  Forum Editor 23:11 28 Oct 2008

Compared to the Microsoft data centre in question a portable storage device is about as safe as a wide open door in a wide open door shop. Security isn't a huge problem with cloud computing server centres, although no doubt the paranoia merchants will be on the case.

  donki 23:21 28 Oct 2008

I dont mean to be arguementative but.... How do you know MS securtiy wont be a problem? Both pysical and cyber security. I mean many virus's often penetrate MS's software program, in fact there are people who seem to devote their life to it.

If I am holding my information on my own personal devices I dont have anyone else to blame if I leave it on a train.

When it comes to it will you store confidential or financial data "online"?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:26 29 Oct 2008

I would guess that the vast majority of information held on home computers, like mine, is of no 'security' value whatsoever so memory sticks seem to be the best way forward for home users. I'm also fairly certain that business users who hold high security info, will be keeping it themselves. Call me a Luddite but this seems to be solving a problem that does not exist.


  TopCat® 15:19 29 Oct 2008

and fears. Some are mentioned in this article. TC. click here

  Condom 21:00 29 Oct 2008

Now I know why microsoft have not replied to my e mail. Honest it's in there somewhere.

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