Microsoft: Your Potential. Our Passion

  powerless 14:25 11 Jul 2004

click here

Nice eh?

  stalion 14:36 11 Jul 2004

Excellent web site design and very informative.
Sign of things to come.Thanks

  spikeychris 14:59 11 Jul 2004

Beautiful website, beautiful music and beautiful people. Where was the drive-bys and drug dealers all blinged up and cussing :)

  Dan the Confused 19:00 11 Jul 2004

Tempted to say 'Your potential, our profit'. But I won't.

  spuds 19:17 11 Jul 2004

Things to come..I'll stick with Windows 95!.

  stalion 19:57 11 Jul 2004

some one is always ready to bash microsoft but millions of people would not be on a computer now without them

  Dan the Confused 20:06 11 Jul 2004

Yes they would, they just wouldn't be using Microsoft. In which case I'd bash them instead.

  spikeychris 20:27 11 Jul 2004

Oh I'm not having a go at M$..I love 'em, ignore their history they are... ah..they don't need me to big them up. I'm having a pop at the personification of the typical American. 33% of Americans are obese (I don't persoanly care, I've put a few pounds on meself and if they are, its their issue) but the image of beautiful people driving beautiful cars living beautiful lives is...well not quite right.

BTW I'm not anti American, I'm just anti BS

  norman47 20:39 11 Jul 2004

I don't care one way or the other about Mr. Gates and Microsoft. I have paid my money, got x\p and I think it's worth it.

What I did like about the advertisers American dream, was the addition of subtitles.How refreshing for those of us who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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