Microsoft tightens the screws!

  LastChip 12:49 30 Jul 2005

An alternative view on Vista: tongue in cheek?

click here

  Ancient Learner 14:51 30 Jul 2005

And I suppose that we will still have to press the 'Start' button to switch the darned thing Off. And still have to restart it in the middle of the road to get everything working again. ( I still have to do that even with XPSP2)

  octal 15:06 30 Jul 2005

They have included everthing to make life easy for the user, I hope M$ are going to supply the toilet paper as well.

Sorry, I'm being totally unfair here, I'm sure it will be very good indeed, much better than any other operating system ever released with no security holes at all and no system crashes.

  Forum Editor 16:36 30 Jul 2005

It may well be very good - in fact I think it will - but it will certainly not be devoid of security holes. No modern operating system - no matter who develops it - is devoid of security holes.

As for crashing,I imagine Vista will be at least as stable as WinXP, which is very stable indeed.

  Stuartli 16:39 30 Jul 2005

>>WinXP, which is very stable indeed>>

Spot on - as always..:-)

  octal 17:33 30 Jul 2005

tongue in cheek

  Forum Editor 18:14 30 Jul 2005

I know.

  CurlyWhirly 18:21 30 Jul 2005

I too agree with XP being very stable indeed.

If Vista is anything like XP I will certainly consider buying it when 64 bit really takes off.

  Ancient Learner 21:05 30 Jul 2005

Stable. Then why have I had to restart four times today because things just wouldn't start, or went wrong.

The Internet had disappeared when I returned after lunch, and yes I am on BB and no I didn't switch off the PC. A reboot cured that.

Then whilst I was using Nero to back up, I twice couldn't get it to complete burning and no matter what I did it blocked me from doing anything at all on the PC without a reboot. I have a few coasters from that performance.

And just now this site went AWOL on me, and a reboot sorted that out.

Believe me, this is a lot better than my experience with 98 and ME, but I cannot, from my experience, say that XP SP2 is totally stable, and in 12 months use I have been very glad of Ghost to enable me to recover from mysterious situations where everything just failed. No, I don't visit dodgy sites, and yes, I do have all the paraphernalia of Antivirus, anti spy ware, spybot et al.

  sattman 21:48 30 Jul 2005

Ancient if you have had and continue to have the sort of experience you describe you have a problem. or problems but not neccesarily from your operating system. Windows ME has been much critiscised over its life time and I have to agree it is easy upset however most of the time it is not the windows program that is the cause of the problem. Likewise XT if you are having this sort of trouble it is not normal and It would suggest a software conflict or some other problem as evidently things are not as they should be and your experience is not the norm.

  zarobian 09:36 31 Jul 2005

If one can afford complete new hardware.

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