Microsoft Quick Basic 4.5 - printing problem -usb

  JohnJW 12:12 20 Apr 2006

I have used Microsoft QB45 for some years - excellent software for mathematics. The programmes themselves can be printed out, as can the output of programmes be printed directly onto the printer.
I have however recently bought a new printer - Epson - which is connected to the computer via a USB port. This latter information is relevant because I have found out I am now unable to print anything from the QB45 software and investigation revealed that because the software is quite ancient - it is a DOS programme - it will look only for a printer connected via a parrallel port.The screen merely tells me there is no printer connected!
I have heard of cables that will connect a parrallel-port-appliance to a USB port in the computer - but is there the opposite combination cable available which will connect my new printer, to a parrallel port in the computer?

  pj123 15:07 20 Apr 2006

Don't know whether this is any help to you or not but I have 24 .bas programs which also won't print to USB.

I managed to convert them all to Excel (except for one, which VoG™ helped me with).

click here

You might like to go down that route.

  JohnJW 21:04 21 Apr 2006

To pj123,
Most obliged for your help

  justme 22:01 21 Apr 2006

You could always try a workaround.

To print your program, save the file as anyname.txt and then print the file from within windows. This would at least allow you to print out your program should you need to.

You may be able to write a routine in QB4.5 to handle printing the output in a similar manner.

Sorry I can not be more specific but it is quite a few years since I last programmed seriously with quick basic.

  pj123 11:41 22 Apr 2006

I just tried the workaround given by justme and it seems to work for printing the listing out.

On my PC it opened in Notepad but being a .txt I could probably open it in word as well.

Note: if you have any Go Subs in the listing you would need to save these separately as well.

  pixardos 16:28 09 Feb 2011

Take a look at DODprn, I use it regularly with DOS commercial applications running under XP. It makes your inkjet/laser or whatever look like an Epson FX80 attached to LTP1:. You have to mess with the fonts, spacing etc. but once set up it runs in the background and goes for ever. If you change your PC you will have to email for a new 'KEY' at no extra cost. I have no connections with this company, just an enthusiastic user, it allows me to keep all my old DOS business applications alive and has saved me a small fortune.

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