Microsoft Midori

  octal 22:43 02 Aug 2008

This sounds like a bit of a departure away for the Windows system the is probably outdated, if it's true:
click here

It's all a bit beyond me, but I did notice this:
"The fundamentals
Unlike Windows, Microsoft intends for Midori to be componentized from the beginning to achieve performance and security benefits. It will have strong isolation boundaries and enforced contracts between components, to ensure that servicing one component will not cause others to fail, while keeping overhead minimal.

At its lowest level, Midori has two separate kernel layers: a microkernel comprised of unmanaged code that controls hardware and environment abstracts, and higher-level managed kernel services that provide the full set of operating system functionality."

It's saying "componetized" (sp) now if I understand it correctly, Linux already operates like that, so it seems like they are trying to re-invent the wheel unless I'm not understanding that bit properly. One of the ways is to stop running programs automatically as they do at present, Interesting read though, if it's true.

  wiz-king 07:01 03 Aug 2008

Could you say that in English please!
Must have been written whilst high on an internet 'cloud'.

  Forum Editor 10:22 03 Aug 2008

a componentized non-Windows operating system known as Midori, which is being architected from the ground up to tackle challenges that Redmond has determined cannot be met by simply evolving its existing technology.

SD Times has viewed internal Microsoft documents that outline Midori’s proposed design, which is Internet-centric and predicated on the prevalence of connected systems."

It looks as if someone has been to far too many 'stand up' business meetings,and has invented a new verb (to architect) into the bargain.

I can't stand buzz-wordy, trendy business-speak articles, and I didn't bother to read further than the first paragraph. If there' anything worth knowing Microsoft will tell me about it in due course.

  interzone55 11:20 03 Aug 2008

A few months after the release of Vista, Microsoft revealed that they had condensed the key components of Windows into a 50mb kernel. I think this is the basis that they've used for Midori.

Octal is correct, the whole idea behind Unix is that it is "componentised", with a tiny kernel to control hardware level operations, then all the functionality is bolted on, you only need to install the packages you need. So something like a file server can be kept very light by only including file management and networking packages, the GUI, games etc can be left for workstations.

This all sounds very good, but if MS are serious about making the whole OS "Internet-centric" then it will cause problems for anyone who is still stuck on dial-up, or people like me, who's internet connection is distinctly part-time at the moment...

  interzone55 11:24 03 Aug 2008
  octal 06:09 05 Aug 2008

This is a bit more of a readable article of it from the BBC click here

  Davella 10:56 05 Aug 2008

Surely Midori is a Japanese liquier!

  Bingalau 11:16 05 Aug 2008

Davella. I don't know about it being Japanese, but it certainly is a liqueur.

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