Microsoft investigates Windows 7 'screen of death'

  Seth Haniel 14:22 01 Dec 2009

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Microsoft has confirmed that it is investigating a problem described as the "black screen of death", which affects its latest operating system.

Good to see they are ahead of the game ;)

  johndrew 14:33 01 Dec 2009

Didn`t I see somewhere that Windows 7 was based on Vista?

It`s good to see that progress is still being made getting rid of all the bugs!!

  Seth Haniel 08:17 02 Dec 2009

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Microsoft says that a problem with its Windows operating system, dubbed the 'Black Screen of Death' is not due to its latest security update.

Some Windows users are confronted by a totally black screen after they log on to their system.

It was thought that a security update on 10 November had been the cause, although this has now been discounted.

Reports suggest the problem also affects Windows Vista and XP, which experts are putting down to malware.

  johndrew 09:58 02 Dec 2009

Perhaps I owe MS an appology in this instance. However, given the number of `security` updates that have caused difficulties for users it may well have been one in this case.

Be interesting to see the eventual outcome.

  Managing ed 10:37 02 Dec 2009

What intrigues me is that Prevx, the company that initially blamed Microsoft and is now backing down:

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Is often used by MS in PR events to demonstrate Windows security, as they are both involved in Get Safe Online. Might make for some interesting conversations...

So we can blame MS for the blue screen of death, but not the black.

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