Microsoft (Food for thought.)

  User-1159794 09:04 22 Sep 2007

Some interesting reading perhaps! concerning the continuing benevolence of the Microsoft corporation.But I would like to be asked first.

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:11 22 Sep 2007

I await the usual nutters proclaiming that th Evil Microsoft is taking over the world and we are all doomed to be turned into zombie. Ipso facto...I really don't care and they can send whatever files they want to my computer as long as it still works.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:17 22 Sep 2007


1. do not connect to the Interbnet

2. use a firwall to block access from MS

But really I'm with gandalf on this one (who cares as long as it works).

  Noldi 10:32 22 Sep 2007

But really I'm with gandalf on this one (who cares as long as it works).

I think the point is it seems a bit rude to just send a file to your computer without informing you.
The bathroom tap works well in my house but I would not expect somebody to just walk in and update my plumbing even though it improved my tap.


  WhiteTruckMan 10:55 22 Sep 2007

because of the potential security hole it leaves in your system. If MS can gain unauthorised access to your system, then who is to say that other less scrupulous individuals or organisations cannot use the same route?


  spikeychris 11:18 22 Sep 2007

This isn’t as dodgy it seems, it’s basically a M$ public relations cock-up. The updates updated Windows Update’s system files.

Nick White has said
“We do recognize that we should have been clearer in our explanation of this process earlier in the game…”

  justme 18:12 22 Sep 2007

You are being a bit complacent about this. I'm sure that many low life scoundrals are searching eagerly to see how Microsoft did it so that they too can secretly download their own programs to your computer.

I feel that Microsoft have shot themselves in the foot with this one by it becoming known that this can be done.

  spikeychris 19:20 22 Sep 2007

I’m not being complacent, this isn’t a back door, it’s been there for years it replenishes Windows update service engines, any hacker worth his salt already knows all about it.

  octal 19:24 22 Sep 2007

There is a third but I'll probably get shot down in flames for mentioning it, that's use Linux iMac instead, just pointing out there are alternatives.

  octal 19:25 22 Sep 2007

Sorry, Linux or iMac instead.

  spikeychris 19:45 22 Sep 2007

Let’s get this straight, this isn’t something new, Microsoft released the required white paper regarding WSUS.

"With the advent of the original client software for SUS, each time Automatic Updates checks the public Web site or internal server for updates, it also checks for updates to itself. This means that most versions of Automatic Updates can be pointed to the public Windows Update site and they will automatically self-update."

Note 'automatically'. This is a tech issue - these things happen when you write million lines of code. TechNet is there for all to see and a bit of research would kill these paranoid rants at source.

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