Microsoft Essentials

  bpzoom 19:24 28 Feb 2012

Windows 7. Having used the likes of security systems Kapersky, McAfee and others over the years, I have been recommended to try the free Microsoft Essentials anti virus software. Has anyone experience of this and what is it like, for example its impact on the system start up time,and its general effect on system running speed.

  birdface 19:41 28 Feb 2012

If you have any Anti-malware programs installed they will conflict with MSE on start up unless you stop the anti-malware part of MSE from running.

If you are going to run MSE without any other security programs you could have problems.

Maybe you should have posted this in the Helproom.

  bpzoom 19:46 28 Feb 2012

OK, I will put it in the Helproom. Thank you.

  lotvic 20:18 28 Feb 2012
  wee eddie 21:57 28 Feb 2012

I'm using MSE on both my Desktop and Laptop. No problems.

Still run Malwarebytes regularly though.

  ams4127 17:14 29 Feb 2012

I have Malwarebytes (full paid version) running on my machine at the same time as MSE. There is no conflict.

You will get a conflict if running another Anti Virus at the same time as MSE,

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