Microsoft beta anitspyware

  steve263000 10:37 23 Feb 2005

I have mentioned this before, but now a update after a couple of months of using it. I installed the antispyware a couple of months ago. It got found things that adaware had missed, and since then has done a excellent job of keeping out the rubbish. So good, that I have not bothered to do a check for about two months. That is a long time for me,as I usually check for spyware every week or so. Well yesterday, I thought I should run all the checks that we should do on a regular basis. In getting on for two months of regular use, not one piece of spyware are adware. Nothing. I ran the same checks with adaware and spybot just to be sure, and apart from the DSO exploit that always comes up with spybot, not a thing. So if you have the original disc that came with XP, I can highly recommend this. And if they decide to charge at sometime in the future, I for one will pay for it.

  ventanas 10:47 23 Feb 2005

It looks like it will be free click here

  igk 12:00 23 Feb 2005

"apart from the DSO exploit that always comes up with spybot"
This can be fixed go to the Spybot S&D website and get the update (1.1.3 TX),this will cure the problem.

  Jackcoms 16:25 23 Feb 2005

You can't get the Spybot 1.3.1TX update from the Spybot website, but you can get it from click here

  mec13 23:52 23 Feb 2005

I've also downloaded Micrsoft Antispyware, and to be honest it 'looks' quite good. I'm impressed with those little folders going across my screen from left to right via the xray machine, it gives me some thing to watch while Micrsoft are checking my system for me. Spybot was so boring to watch! I did suspect it would cost something, however if its free, that appeals to me even more!

  igk 13:38 24 Feb 2005

Jackcoms, Ok I new I got it from somewhere!

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:06 24 Feb 2005

Downloaded, installed, updated and ran this evening. found a couple of things Spybot 1.3.1TX missed so I will be keeping it.

  Sapins 09:17 25 Feb 2005

Just installed it, very impressed. It is easy to set up and explains what everything is/does. If it performs as well as it looks I will certainly be keeping it.

  romford 21:27 25 Feb 2005

I added Microsoft to Adaware and Spybot and although I like it for all the reasons already given I find if I run Adaware and Spybot afterwards they usually find some Microsoft missed

  Dan the Confused 22:16 25 Feb 2005

'Gates acknowledged that the threat [spyware] appeared on the company's radar over the last year and said the company had to do better this year.'

Hmmm...bit slow there :Z

Glad that they are addressing the problem now though, and are quite rightly not going to charge for it. Does this mean it will be integrated into Windows in the future?

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