Microsoft back down on Vista Licence changes

  DieSse 22:36 06 Nov 2006

Microsoft have backed down on the changes to the Vista Retail licences, which would have restricted the number of times that Vista could be transferred to a different system (to one time only).

The situation will now be as with previous Retail licences.

  Input Overload 22:54 06 Nov 2006

If they hadn't I would have stuck with XP.

  Forum Editor 23:27 06 Nov 2006
  josie mayhem 23:35 06 Nov 2006

Have they backed down or just clarified?

  Totally-braindead 23:48 06 Nov 2006

As far as I know josie mayhem they have backed down. The articles I initially saw on the subject clearly stated that this is what the policy was going to be. As they have now changed their mind I think you could consider this a back down. And quite right too.

  josie mayhem 00:20 07 Nov 2006

I glad they have, as my main computer is always in the state of up-grade or total rebuild (never ending story)

But when I tried to get my head around the EUL, it did seem that there was a get out clause, if I remember rightly somthing was mentioned about having to contact MS after the one allowed move? I may be wrong....

But with XP, sometimes they refuse activation and you need to carry it out over the phone!

I've had this on a couple of ocassions, most times it has been the case of tapping in your details and recieving the activation code back, no human involved.

But I have a on a couple of occasion that when I tried to activate a brand new copy (brought from pcworld, so was the real thing) it wouldn't activate over the net, and when I phone MS it wouldn't activate via the automated system and I was put through to support... I actually had to speak to a human being a female in fact, no problems with activation this way either. When I asked about why this had happened with a supplier that I knew would only supply XP from the correct liget source, her reply was that it was proberly a volume licence key problem?

The copy I speak about is the same one I reinstalled today without any problems of activation.

So I assumed that when I tried to get my head around the legal speek, that this type of thing would happpen with Vista, you might have to phone MS, which isn't a problem when I've had to do this I've either gone via a automated system with out problems or spoken to someone, and I must admit when I've gone down this route it been easy and quick what ever time of day or night I've done it.

To me they've given a long winded way of setting out the procedure, and now have clarified it into a very simple requirement...

I may be wrong, but at the end of the day they've listened to joe public and reason can't be bad.....

  Jak_1 00:44 07 Nov 2006

This is MS through and through!
I buy a licence (program) and it comes with an activation code, that should be the end of it, one machine use at a time accepted.It should not matter how many times you change machines, you bought the right to use the program. The supplied pass with the software should be enough MS are not paying for your phone call for activation are they! IMO they are control freaks who exploit the average person. Unfortunately the majority of software is geared for the MS os.
I know piracy is a problem but MS seem to aggravate the problem with their restrictions and high prices!

  DieSse 10:53 07 Nov 2006

Sorry - FE - missed your earlier post - still at least the message has got through.

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