Microsoft are Pirates!

  [email protected] 23:57 15 Nov 2004

click here


  Forum Editor 00:36 16 Nov 2004

can't be far off.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:52 16 Nov 2004

I am going to throw myself off a cliff.........


  Vague Boy 10:01 16 Nov 2004

Shiver me timbers maties!

  § 16:32 16 Nov 2004

"Microsoft are Pirates!"

As yet, unproven!

  Cook2 16:57 16 Nov 2004

We'll know for sure when Windows becomes Portholes.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 17:08 16 Nov 2004

microsoft allways worried about people doing ilegal copies of windows,even the old DOS versions you need a licencse,its about time that microsoft had copyright issues shoved in there face!,i have never likes MS,still don't now,this means i wish them all the best ;) ;)

  § 17:19 16 Nov 2004

BIG Ben strikes 10 again! you're in danger of becoming a sour old man ;-)

  Forum Editor 18:25 16 Nov 2004

With respect, you're 13 years old, and to say that you've "never liked Microsoft" would seem to be difficult to justify, given the short length of time you've had to get to know anything about the company. I doubt that having this particular copyright issue "shoved in their face" will cause anything more than a tiny ripple in Redmond, and none of us is in possession of enough information to be able to make an informed judgment in any event.

I stand by my original comment.....Kylie's views on world economic trends must be marginally more interesting than this.

  fourjays 19:07 16 Nov 2004

For all you know, it could be another story to try and make us all hate MS - I have heard many. And besides that, don't the people who originally cracked the software become liable to lawsuits too?

  smy13 19:45 16 Nov 2004

I can't understand this 'we all hate Microsoft rubbish'. At the end of the day people can beef all they want. But it's not going to change the fact that they've only become so powerful because others weren’t up to the job of keeping up or passing them. Blame the competition for not being strong or fit enough if you need to vent your spleen on anyone. The way I see it is most of us would never had have the chance to get into the fantastic world of PC's without Microsoft. .

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