Condom 02:32 26 Sep 2009

Well I have finally returned from my 8 months in Thailand and in some ways it is good to get away from the constant heat and humidity. Anyway I'm catching up with my post and I suddenly seem to have become a friend of Microsoft. In the past week I have been offered a free trial of Azure and also some free Visual Studio Training Programs. Anybody any ideas on whether these are worthwhile?

  birdface 09:34 26 Sep 2009

There is no place like home.

Not sure about the offers from Microsoft that you have received but Windows7 is still on offer at a very reduced price from the likes of Amazon.
After the 22nd of October it will probably go back up to the full price.So maybe worth thinking about.

  jakimo 13:39 26 Sep 2009

Can`t tell you about Studio Training Programmes.

But you could tell us how the lifestyle in Thailand compares with the UK,...are people satisfied with their lot\are there drink-drug related problems with the young,do people trust the politicians,etc.would you want to live there permanently?

Anyway,welcome home.

  Condom 14:36 26 Sep 2009

Well Jakimo life in Thailand is actually pretty good for us "Farang" as they tend to call us. The culture is rather different and you do need to adapt if you wish to "fit in" properly. The well educated of Thailand are pretty good at speaking basic English and you soon learn to understand and also speak some basic Thai but you need to watch your tone of voice as Thai is a tonal language and the same word can mean entirely different things depending on how you say it. Foe example "tong" can mean gold or pregnant just dependent on how you say it. Now writing and reading Thai is another thing altogether. There are no capital letters in the Thai language so knowing where sentences begin and end can be a bit of a problem. Road signs are in English and Thai even in many rural areas so getting about is pretty easy.

Young Thais like to drink and can get drunk but you seldom see them openly behaving badly like in the UK. That is reserved for the European drunks and there are many but as long as you are spending money thay put up with it. They are more reserved and tend to keep their bad moments more private. If you go to a club it is the male species you see dancing together and not the women like in the UK. Thai men love to dance for their girls and it does look a bit unusaual at times. yes drugs are available but I promise you that you would not wish to be caught. Young Thai men spend 2 years in prison just for having a pill they shouldn't and again you wouldn't want to spend a day in a Thai prison (So I hear).

Politics is something else. Most Thai politicians come from the "uniforn" class meaning either ex police, army or whatever. Thais are very subservient and never argue with the person in "Authority" and that often means the man in the uniform. You could almost say Thailand is a bit like Burma in that respect except they do have elections, after elections after elections. When driving, farang are often pulled over for, well you never know what for, and you pay a standard 400 baht (about £9) to be on your way again. Thais are passonate about voting and many have to return to their original village to cast their votes. Bribery is endemic as the rural people are very poor and it doesn't cost much to buy a vote.

The climate is a perpetual 30 degree plus, day and night, and you basically have 2 seasons which they call the wet season and the dry season. The wet season is when they plant their rice but to be honest apart from the humidity and maybe an hour or two of heavy rain the wet season is not that different from the dry season.

Yes I could very well live there for good as living costs are very lowand many ex brits have a great life out there on there basic UK pension. You do need to bare in mind that farang cannot own land so if you want to live full time it is either a condo, a cheap hotel or marry a Thai national so you can buy a house. You can own the house but the Thai owns the land it is on which sometimes makes for interesting cases after a divorce so you do need to be careful....but those Thai girls. Can't wait to go back.

  Stuartli 15:53 26 Sep 2009

Microsoft never sends out unsolicited e-mails.

  Forum Editor 16:24 26 Sep 2009

is limited to Bangkok and some of the islands, which I visit fairly regularly. I agree with you about drunkenness - I've rarely seen Thai people behaving badly after drink, but I've seen lots of Europeans, Australians, and Americans in that state.

  oldbeefer2 16:45 26 Sep 2009

But be careful - some of them are not what they seem!

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