Michael Caine! Love the man

  Uboat 22:42 09 Oct 2010

Hiya guys! I've got to say considering he's in his "70's" (Almost 80) he plays one hell of a game still!

I've just watched a film with him in called "Harry Brown" and he has YET to disappoint me!

I think Mike is after seeing "100's" of films over many a year in the top 3 actors of all time!!
I'm Proud he's off our turf as in English and i'm proud he plays realistic roles,
Well done Mike your the Bizz!

click here

  Blackhat 22:52 09 Oct 2010

I watched this film a few month ago and thought that it was by far his best performance yet. He had great character in the old movies but this performance shows what a great actor he has matured into.

  birdface 22:56 09 Oct 2010

He loves himself as well.
That sort of put me off him a bit.
But I must admit the older he gets the better his films get.

  Uboat 23:05 09 Oct 2010

Anyone with Media Attention like that (Global) will have plenty of confidence! they have too, pls bare in mind MC has been going since the 60's and IF i had i would sure "Love myself" its about self righteousness and been able to say "Ive achieved every Goal possible" I remember the days when he was young and making films for money! he don't do that now a days! he makes them because he loves making them...

  spuds 23:12 09 Oct 2010

His wifes nice as well ;o))

Get Carter
The Man Who Wanted To Be King

Now there's three good films to think about?.

  Brumas 23:24 09 Oct 2010

His autobiography "What's it all about?" is an absorbing read.

  ronalddonald 00:26 10 Oct 2010

My brother met hme years a go in Earls Court, Chauffeured him around.

  spuds 12:41 10 Oct 2010

Perhaps I shouldn't say this, but Michael Caine and his associates nearly caused a riot back in 1969 in a little encampment on the border of Brunei and Sarawak. Every month we had a film show, and I chose Zulu as the main film one month. The Malays, Locals (Iban, Murut, Dyaks etc), Chinese, Nepalese and Indian audience were a little confused as to the violence portrayed.

I was told never to select a film like that again :O(

  jakimo 12:58 10 Oct 2010

I'm surprised the Indian audience were confused by the violence...Many of their films can be very violent indeed,the only difference is they will break into song & dance in the middle of a battle

  john bunyan 13:06 10 Oct 2010

A great place. I am very fond of Sarawak in particular, met many Ibans, Kelabits, Kenyah ,Penans etc. Have a blowpipe and bamboo dart carrier in my garage!

  Bingalau 17:40 10 Oct 2010

john bunyan. Hope you have got a licence for it?

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