Metal Detector man finds a whopper!

  tein 09:17 24 Sep 2009

Amazing! ive done detecting a few times! its great! my cousin is a prolific detector & loves it! this is such a rare find thou!

click here

  birdface 10:01 24 Sep 2009

Amazing!just like you said.It makes you wonder what went wrong in the first place that they would need to hide it.No doubt the full story may emerge eventually.

  birdface 10:10 24 Sep 2009

On the same page.[I cry for Madeleine each day.]Would it not be great if Madeleine could also be found.
I am sure she was a treasure to her Parents and family.

  SimpleSimon1 10:36 24 Sep 2009

Just saw these 3 pictures (click here) in the Times. Talk about stunning (especially the sword pommel) - can't wait to see more this afternoon

  tein 11:22 24 Sep 2009

Simplesimon GREAT photo!! omg! This is VERY significant! so the Crown have rightfully claimed it BUT would the person who found it be due any monies.? if so any ideas what & where from.?

  SimpleSimon1 12:43 24 Sep 2009

According to the BBC web site, becuase the hoard has been declared "treasure trove"...

"BBC correspondent Nick Higham said the hoard would be valued by the British Museum and the money passed on to Mr Herbert and the landowner. "

"if so any ideas what & where from?"

Based on the above, you and me, I guess :-)

Still I'd rather cough via my taxes for something like this than fund those money-grubbing wotsits in Westminster. Hopefully, when the experts have finally finished with it, all of it will go on display.I'll certainly be in the queue.

  jakimo 13:10 24 Sep 2009

As this find is less than 8 miles from where I now live, I'm wondering if its not late to invest in a metal detector and idle my time away doing a bit of local detecting

  spuds 14:52 24 Sep 2009

With the land owners permission, and that might include local council's,with a share of the booty,the answer could well be yes!.

  kidsis 19:26 25 Sep 2009

I really wish I could have gone to see the hoard - this is definitely something that would be worthy of a nationwide tour.

  wiz-king 19:48 25 Sep 2009

Being right next to a couple of WW2 fighter airfields most of what we find round here is liable to explode!

  Quickbeam 19:48 25 Sep 2009

click here I thought the treasury would be having it, but not so. Mind you... would you own up?

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