Meniere's Disease

  laurie53 09:55 03 Mar 2008

My wife is suffering a rather bad and persistent bout of Meniere’s disease.

She has prescribed medication, of course, but I wondered if anyone had any lifestyle/diet suggestions?

We think this attack was triggered by a Chinese meal, so we know about that, and have had a look at what came up on Google, but people often have their own little tips and wrinkles.

  anchor 10:27 03 Mar 2008

My Mother was a sufferer, so your wife has my sympathy.

As far as I know there is no magic remedy, although a reduced salt intake has been suggested. A family friend tried this and it helped a lot.

  johndrew 10:43 03 Mar 2008

There are also recommendations that include avoiding caffeine, alcohol, smoking and stress (how this latter is avoided when you feel so rotten I don`t know). Other suggestions tend to be contradictory; some say plenty of sleep, others plenty of exercise. I think it may be more of a case of doing what makes you feel better.

Hope she improves soon.

After a series of severe attacks my GP prescribed some medication that was ineffective, and then prescribed betahistine dihydrochloride (3x16mg per day) which I have found very effective - only 3 mild attacks in nearly 3 years. The drug is also known as Serc. It is not approved by the FDA in the USA, and so is not mentioned on most US medical websites. It is not approved by FDA because it cannot be proved to work, because Menieres attacks happen at unpredictable, often long, intervals, so those taking the drug might not be going to have an attack anyway.

Plenty of information including a book download and lifestyle suggestions on click here.

  Forum Editor 17:35 03 Mar 2008

and I'm saying it again - nobody here is qualified to give any kind of medical advice, and your wife should not follow any advice you see in this thread without first consulting her doctor.

It's fine for people to recount their personal experiences,or to suggest other sources of information, but that's as far as it goes. People react differently to medical treatments - even when suffering from the same complaint.

  laurie53 19:14 03 Mar 2008

Please read my post again.

My wife is already taking prescribed medication (the betahistine already mentioned). I asked for personal tips and wrinkles to help her cope.

For the others - thanks. We have already dumped the salt, and moved to de-caff.

  sunny staines 00:28 04 Mar 2008

my wife used serc after a stoke had a lot of dizzy spells. serc was excellent stopped completly.

  Totally-braindead 00:42 04 Mar 2008

I think the FE is just covering himself, as is only right, and just making sure that you realise that any advice given is not necessarily good for your wife and that any "suggestions" should be checked with the doc first. Sorry if that sounded like preaching, I'm sure you realise this is the case.

I wish I could help my friend but sadly I know nothing of this ailment, but do wish you luck with sorting things out.

  Totally-braindead 00:48 04 Mar 2008

Just a thought but is there not a Meniere's disease organisation that can offer help, support and advice?

  €dstowe 06:34 04 Mar 2008
  laurie53 07:42 04 Mar 2008

Thanks to all.

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