Men taken hostage

  ronalddonald 17:16 01 Dec 2009

hmm why is the British Gov so bent on releasing these so called men who were sailing near Iran, yet wont lift a finger to help out the couple who were taken hostage by Somalians.

Talk about double standards by the government of GB

  wiz-king 18:21 01 Dec 2009

They are not demanding a ransom!

  Forum Editor 18:30 01 Dec 2009

and you should be able to answer your own question.

1. Somalian pirates are individuals. They act for themselves, and do it for money. Nobody in our government or armed forces has the faintest idea who the pirates are.

2. The men who were sailing off Iran were captured by the Iranian Navy, with the full knowledge and consent of the Iranian government. It's a serious matter, and not just for the men involved. We know who we're dealing with. One country's government boarded a vessel on the sea and made captives of the crew.

The two incidents have little in common,apart from the fact that boats were involved, and have nothing whatever to do with double standards on the part of our government.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:59 01 Dec 2009

It is not as though the Iranians have no previous form.


  Hercule Marple 19:14 01 Dec 2009

They should claim political asylum.

  wee eddie 02:24 02 Dec 2009

Interestingly enough ~ The Somalian Pirates were filmed from a nearby Naval Supply Ship. No action was taken to deter them!

So they know exactly who the Pirates are, even if they don't currently have their names.

  morddwyd 21:02 02 Dec 2009

Glad they've been released, but if you are going to go tooling around near Iranian (or Somali, or North Korean etc) waters you really should not be surprised if you get taken because of the vagaries if wind and tide, and you should not expect the Foreign Office to bail you out.

For a period of four years I was warned that it would be dangerous for me to go within 50k of a certain border as I might get snatched.

I listened, I didn't and I wasn't.

  sunnystaines 21:49 02 Dec 2009

they should have carried a spare outboard engine for emergencies

  dagbladet 21:59 02 Dec 2009

"they should have carried a spare outboard engine for emergencies"


  Woolwell 22:57 02 Dec 2009

Spare outboard on a racing yacht?

Surprised that Iran didn't try to claim publicity for rescuing them from drifting with a broken prop.

Reports state that they didn't have Iranian waters marked.

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