men with brollies

  [email protected] 19:20 15 Jun 2009

hi, so, went to the shops to get some fish medicene (see other thread)i walk everyday, the sky had gone black and there are heavy rain warnings everywhere.
So i took my small black umbrella?
i always do this cos it fits in my pocket..
is this wrong? ok im 6'2" and a bloke. These two 'ladies' (im guessing 5 kids, 5 dads, first one at 13, never worked) but i dont stereotype.
Anyway fell on the floor laughing at me (great lifter) it was torrential! there was a river running down the street. ok they didnt have brollies and their meal tokens, sorry children, just appeared to be wearing lioncloths.
It's upset me, and i probably wont use my brolly again!
are they feminine?

  gardener 19:24 15 Jun 2009


  Woolwell 19:24 15 Jun 2009

No they are not feminine but sensible things to carry. I used one today. If it was flowered or pink then it might be construed differently.

  Quickbeam 19:24 15 Jun 2009

the association with thunder and the mind!

  Quickbeam 19:31 15 Jun 2009

But it would have been funnier if you went shopping in your trollies...

  Al94 19:33 15 Jun 2009

Nothing wrong with it, they're sensible and not feminine, dont worry about low life idiots like those women, country is full of them!

  Quickbeam 19:36 15 Jun 2009

Brollies or trillies...?

I'm going out, I feel odd.

  laurie53 19:48 15 Jun 2009

If you want to see some bizarre brollies carried by blokes, look no further than your nearest golf course (you'll also see some pretty outlandish keks too!).

  [email protected] 20:05 15 Jun 2009

im feeling better already thanks guys!

  Bingalau 20:32 15 Jun 2009

If it is raining and I want to put my brolly up I couldn't care less whether it is polker dotted or rainbow coloured as long as it does the job. Take no notice of idiots like that. I used to carry my wife's handbag and she used to say "People will call you names" I said "They can call me what they like, because you and I know the truth". (I'd do anything for my wife.)

  SB23 20:55 15 Jun 2009

I know you've ticked, but as a house husband for 4 years, it always decides to rain when I'm picking up my 2 youngest from junior school. Trust me when I say "who cares who's making fun", if they do, but I'm the dry one under my multi coloured golf umbrella.

Take no notice.


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