memory lane with the pc

  sunnystaines 09:32 31 Aug 2009

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on reading this article on pca.

reminded me of my first microsoft office 95 had 32 floppies to load

my first internet the free one screaming net it was hit and miss if you could get a connection you just had to try over and over till it connected.

my first novice problem loaded all programs on C drive rest of hdd d drive blank overfilled c drive loading everything on default drive and crashed pc. too full for repair had to have low level format.

whats you memories of your early days.

  Pine Man 09:44 31 Aug 2009

Listening to an audio cassette screeching for about ten minutes while it (tried) to load a program into a Sinclair ZX81 via a cassette player!

Or, even worse, typing out page after page of basic programming language into a ZX81 to run a program and after about an hour or more the whole lot crashed!!

  jakimo 10:21 31 Aug 2009

And I thought it was just me who was having all those problems.

And I remember in those days paying £175 for 4Mb of extra memory for my first PC

  Armchair 10:54 31 Aug 2009

Spectrum 48k rubber keyboard. Bought 'proper' Stonechip keyboard, because I thought I'd wreck the one it had already, which encased the entire computer. The new keyboard conked out after about a fortnight, lol.

Also, no joystick port, so I had to buy a joystick interface for it. Destroyed two Quickshot 2 joysticks playing Daley Thompson's Decathlon on it, but managed to get a free replacement every time from good old Farnons in Newcastle.

Spent hours typing Basic listings, only for them not to work, and the ones that did were rubbish anyway.

Despite all this it was a fantastic machine, and I wish I'd kept it (sold so I could concentrate on my O levels).

  tein 10:56 31 Aug 2009

I do remember having a 10 gig hard drive & calling my mates to show off! now ive got 1.5TB inside my XPS & 1TB external. i love having lots of space for putting old family vidoes & photos..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:13 31 Aug 2009

48k speccy.
Got one in the attic plus expansion pack (microdrives), kempston interface, poke interface(can't remember what that was called), a disk drive and loads of speccy games on both disk tape and microdrive also go a fully boxed 128k.

It'll give me something to do during the winter months when I retire or it will sit up there for another 20yrs.


just 2 weeks ago)chucked out those 32 disks plus windows 95 on floppy

  Armchair 11:24 31 Aug 2009

That's a nice stash to own. I only ever used tapes with mine. Still get a genuine buzz playing certain Speccy games via Spectaculator.

  Stuartli 11:39 31 Aug 2009

I've still got an Action catalogue from September 1995 (the month Windows 95 was launched) - the prices would make your eyes water..:-)

For instance, a quad speed Mitsumi IDE CD-ROM drive was £124, a parallel port equivalent £289 and a 17in monitor ranged from around £490 to £990 depending on specifications and manufacturer (all plus VAT!).

Don't even ask about memory, especially as Pentium systems required it in pairs...:-)

Remember too the effect of inflation over the past 14 years and the staggering level of technology progress, to appreciate that components and systems we buy today are vastly cheaper in real terms.

  Armchair 12:01 31 Aug 2009

This is what they've cost me (initial purchase prices, and I'll chuck in the consoles, too)........

Spectrum £175
Amstrad 464 £350 (with monitor)
Amiga 500 £330
Playststation £200
Dreamcast £150
PS2 £200
Medion desktop PC (with monitor) £800
Xbox 360 £200

When you factor in all the extra hardware, it adds up to quite a bit. Having said that, there wasn't a great deal of expansion possibilities with the early computers I owned (okay so I added a 512k RAM pack to the Amiga, big deal). The Amstrad was in use for five years, mainly as a games machine, with no modification at all.

  sunnystaines 12:34 31 Aug 2009

my first venture with pc's was when windows 95 came out. so still a novice compared to some of you.

first pc was a pentium 90, was meant to be a p.60 but they run out of chips got a free upgrade.
only had 16 of ram top spec then with a STB Velocity graphics card.

  Stuartli 12:46 31 Aug 2009

When the younger offspring was studying IT in the early 1990s we bought him at least three systems (286, 386 and 486); none cost less than £1,100, a lot of money at that time.

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