Mel Smith & the Smoking Ban

  GRFT 13:19 17 Jul 2006

Comedian and actor(?) has fulminated against Scotland's smoking ban in all public places by desrcribing it at something that would have delighted Adolf Hitler (and we all know who he was.))

What should be done with this person?

(1) Deport him, or
(2) Tell him to stick his flaming cigar where the sun don't shine.

Other suggestions welcome.

  GRFT 13:22 17 Jul 2006

The comedian in question is MEL SMITH. Sorry for about that.

  €dstowe 13:25 17 Jul 2006

I think the "?" should have followed comedian as well as "actor?"

A person I have always found singularly unfunny.

  spuds 14:04 17 Jul 2006

Considering that Mel Smith is a confirmed cigar smoker, he would could out with something like that.

I wonder if they have anti-smoking wardens on the top of Ben Nevis!.

  spuds 14:06 17 Jul 2006

Whoops sorry, typo error: "he would come out with something like that".

  Jackcoms 14:17 17 Jul 2006

And why didn't the individual in question also fulminate against a similar smoking ban in Eire - which has been in place for a good while longer than the Scottish ban?

  johndrew 14:38 17 Jul 2006

I would have some sympathy for smokers who believe their `Human Rights` were being infringed if they were not to infringe mine by causing me to be contaminated with their smoke.

I enjoy a pint but do not impose my waste on any other occupants of the space adjoining that in which I consume it.

  rezeeg 14:45 17 Jul 2006

johndrew don't you even impose your coughs or colds ;-)

Any moment now someone will tell us their Grandfather smoked a 1000 a day and lived to be 112. They will also tell us they are very considerate of non smokers and only smoke in public places and not their homes, and that in any case cars cause more pollution than they do.In any case, we will be told, the taxes they paid supply the entire budget for the NHS and any wars we care to engage in. :-;
The fact is that smokers rarely admit that they have an addiction to nicotine which can often cause premature death.Like most addictions,it clouds the mind as to reality.

  SG Atlantis® 16:02 17 Jul 2006

Following on from johndrew's post. I say if a smoker blows smoke round you in a pub, can we not urinate on them? Fair's fair and all that. lol. Well the side effect from lots of pints is more pee, so why not share it with the smoker next to you....

I love the smokers at bus stops that expect me and my kids to breathe their poison or stand in the rain. A nice dirty look and fake coughing normally gets the point across subtly.

The sooner the ban kicks in across the entire UK the better.

Smith is a muppet, just wait til he's lying on his death bed coughing up his guts and blood from his filthy habit. If you smoke don't complain about the illnesses you'll contract. You have had ample warnings....

  SG Atlantis® 16:04 17 Jul 2006

I choose number 2 and make sure it's lit before the procedure begins.

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