Medicine Side Effects

  morddwyd 11:31 24 Apr 2015

I was just reading about some side effects of a medicine I am taking.

Among the usual nausea, vomiting and constipation they list no blood pressure, no breathing and no pulse!

Pretty severe!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:56 24 Apr 2015

The side effects are often worse than the original problem. Doctors then prescribe more medicine to counter the side efects of the first which have its own side effect and so on.

Its not unknown for people to die from prescribed medicinal problems (Heath Ledger springs to mind or possibly Micheal Jackson).

  OTT_B 12:36 24 Apr 2015

I as reading the side effects of some of of son's medicine - "death" being one of them. Not sure if that qualifies as a 'side effect'!!!

  Aitchbee 14:34 24 Apr 2015

... it can be dangerous/risky to suddenly stop taking a prescribed drug without medical supervision, especially psychotic ones. :o(

  bumpkin 15:11 24 Apr 2015

I think is is part of the modern sue everybody culture so they list everything possibly imaginable to cover themselves. A bit like when you but an electrical item and half of the manual is safety warnings like "do not use the hairdryer in the bath"

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:28 24 Apr 2015

The one possible side effect of my Asthma medicine is --- shortness of breath.

  BT 17:57 24 Apr 2015

If I took note of all the conflicting side effects of my medicines, I wouldn't be taking any of them as they would all be fighting each other. Just hope the Doc knows what he's doing. To be fair he does get his book out to check if changing anything on my list.

  john bunyan 18:53 24 Apr 2015

I had treatment last year with a product that came with a potential emergency admission, day or night. Luckily it did not kill me, but the notes were slightly daunting!!

Yervoy side effects

  VCR97 19:16 24 Apr 2015

One of my tablets has in its lengthy list of possible side effects "feeling unwell". I think that the legal department wrote the list.

  sunnystaines 21:49 24 Apr 2015

I suffer a lot of side effects from meds doctors try me on often some of these are not listed as side effects on the leaflet but a trawl on google shows many others get the sameones too.

worse meds i have ever taken where i had my worst side effects were Gabapentin, topamax, and lithium.

one med [methysergide]was discontinued due to severe side effects yet it was the only one to help me and i had no side effects.

if you read possible side effects and took them seriously you would never take them.

  BT 08:18 25 Apr 2015

I used to have CoProxamol as a pain killer and it was very effective, but it was removed from the prescribing list (except in very strict circumstances) because too many people were using it to commit suicide. Then they restricted the amount of Paracetamol and other pain killers you could buy over the counter for the same reason. The silly thing is you can buy 32 Paracetamol from the pharmacy and just 8 at once can do you untold harm or kill you. If you really want to take more than is good for you its not hard to get as many as you want. I could go in Tesco and buy 32 Paracetamol from the Pharmacy, then get another 32 off the shelf and go through the checkout. I now have more than enough.

The doctor now gives me 100 Paracetamol and 100 Codeine at a time which could do me just as much harm as the CoProxamaol but are nowhere nearly as effective as painkillers.

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