'Medical myths' exposed as untrue

  Seth Haniel 09:44 21 Dec 2007

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Some claim drinking eight glasses of water a day leads to good health, while reading in dim light damages eyesight.

When will we ever get the truth about anything ;)

  Noels 09:51 21 Dec 2007

Is that drinking eight glasses of water a day makes me get up in the night!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:56 21 Dec 2007

Perhaps there will now be less witless people walking around the UK, clutching bottles of water and feverishly swigging from them as though their life depended on them.


  Seth Haniel 10:03 21 Dec 2007

you made me choke on my Bacon Sandwich ;)

  interzone55 10:20 21 Dec 2007

I'll depends on the size of the glass, and what's added to the water...

  JanetO 12:02 21 Dec 2007

Actually, when you're on the move a lot it's quite sensible to take along a bottle of water, because it flushes out the immune system, although I admit there's this inverted snobbery thing attached to 'branding'. When I'm in Africa I'm never without one.

It's always amusing when 'scientists' rubbish common ideas. Like the test they did about taking vitamins not being of any benefit. I know any wounds I get heal much quicker because I take multi-vits etc.

But bearing in mind to conduct a scientific 'test' you only need two groups; the experimental group and the control group. And there will always be a 'bias' towards the experimenter/s theory even though they claim to be impartial.

If you're drinking tea etc as part of your recommended daily liquid intake also bear in mind tea is a diuretic, so the water loss is quicker than by taking plain water. If you're drinking alcohol the loss is much greater than the intake (hence hangovers).

  Confab 12:35 21 Dec 2007

At a risk of seeming stupid what is flushing out the immune system?

  wee eddie 12:50 21 Dec 2007

You've swallowed the party line ~ Hook, line and Sinker

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:32 21 Dec 2007

"flushes out the immune system"

I like to leave my immune sstem well alone, it does a good job of protecting me from "nasties" and I certainly wouldn't want to flush it away.


I agree you need to keep you fluid levels correct especialy in a hot climate.

  spuds 13:46 21 Dec 2007

I have lived and worked in many 'hot climate' countries, and I can never recall seeing the 'locals' walking around, attached to bottles of Avian type drinks. The occasional stop for a odd Fanta, Cola or fresh fruit was more than likely.

The same applied to working in 'cold climate' countries, I can never recall people walking about clutching thermos flasks.

And as for taking bottles of vitamin supplements!!.

  JanetO 14:07 21 Dec 2007

Ah, I'm surrounded by sceptics I see.

Wrong termonology, my naive mistake. I would have been more careful and exact. Flushing out the 'system' to boost the immune system. Flushing out all the nasty bits and pieces that can adhere to the lower intestine and bowels click here. The resulting conditions can occur if there's a poor intake of proper fluids like; flatulence, dryness, constipation, and poor absorption of the nutrients that are needed to build healthy skin, hair, bones, nerve sheaths, reproductive fluids, and brain tissue. and bad breath.

Spuds, yes it's something I've noticed too, especially in Africa. The locals aren't aware of the western type of health benefits that we go by. Usually it's to do with ensuring they have something to eat instead of starving so it's probably just a question of priorities. Their's being different to ours.

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