jaraba 17:10 16 Dec 2009

Are there any old soldiers out there who can tell me how to clean a medal which has gone black.
Don't want to scratch it so reluctant to use the normal cleaners.
As it belongs to a member of my family I want to clean it & get it mounted in a frame for them.

  Picklefactory 17:14 16 Dec 2009

I think you are wise to be careful, many abrasive cleaners will attack the surface of the medal. I think your best bet would be Goddards Silverdip, I'm pretty sure it's non abrasive, you just dip and rinse without need for nay form of rubbibg. If your medal is very dirty, it may need multiple treatments.
I'm sure there are a number of members here who will have medals, they'll soon put me right if I'm talking rubbish.

The gruesome twosome, Brumas and Bingalau, I would think might have some ideas. ;o)

  peter99co 17:14 16 Dec 2009

Use Vinegar.

Suspend it in a jar?

  Picklefactory 17:15 16 Dec 2009

Hmmm, my tieping is aufull :o)

  peter99co 17:17 16 Dec 2009

Hate to advertise but Cillit Bang?

  Woolwell 17:21 16 Dec 2009

The Imperial War Museum has guidance click here

  Curio 18:14 16 Dec 2009

A tip I got whilst in New Zealand was to use Coca Cola. Immerse fully and allow to soak. I know it cleans aluminium extremely well, may save rubbing on polish

  tullie 18:54 16 Dec 2009

All i ever use is silver polish,no problems so far.

  morddwyd 19:43 16 Dec 2009

I'll second Coca Cola, also Dura Glit (or any other) wadding, it's not too abrasive.

  Brumas 20:35 16 Dec 2009

I'll get you for that !!!

I never received any medals - you don't in the NAAFI queue! I expect Bingalau's got a fair few though?

  Condom 21:39 16 Dec 2009

Yes coca cola is what I use as it cleans without actually polishing too much. I think medals look a bit false when they are too shiny. Also it doesn't tend to stain the ribbons as much if you inadvertantly get a drop or two on them. Remember not to drink the cola afterwards. lol

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