Means Testing

  laurie53 09:39 06 Mar 2009

My wife's disability is now such that we need some adaptations to the house.

The financial assistance available depends on a means test.

I was brought up in a coal mining area and was brought up to regard the means test with dread and loathing, but am perfectly willing to accept the necessity for this.

What I do object to is the fact that my pension, including my War Injuries pension, should be included in this.

What possible justification can there be for regarding a disability pension, awarded to me for a condition brought on by military service, as a factor in determining whether a third party, married to me or not, qualifies for a grant?

  Pine Man 09:53 06 Mar 2009

'but am perfectly willing to accept the necessity for this'

No you aren't otherwise you wouldn't be querying the need for your pensions to be taken into account. It's all income no matter how it is accrued.

  bremner 09:56 06 Mar 2009

Why should the state pay if you as a couple have the financial ability to pay for it yourself, irrespective of where your funds come from.

  wee eddie 10:01 06 Mar 2009

If it were the wife of a certain ex-Banker were seeking assistance, his small Pension plan should be taken into account, as she probably has no separate income.

That is the nature of a Means Test

  birdface 10:11 06 Mar 2009

Unfortunately they need to know what income is coming into the house before they can offer Financial assistance.
Your military service injury pension may not be included when they work their figures out.

I can see why this would upset you as it would anyone in your situation.

I am sure that everyone hopes that it all works out okay for you and wish you the best of luck.

  wiz-king 10:43 06 Mar 2009

You may find the alterations suggested may need to be thought about very carefully. They may make it easier for your wife but make it awkward for you.
Some alterations can be done by the local council others may need to be contracted out. A local building firm may be a better and cheaper than one of the larger advertised companies. Do your homework before you buy anything. My local council were willing to supply the fixtures and fittings needed for my wife and let me do the fitting.

  oresome 10:52 06 Mar 2009

A greater injustice is the notional income value they will put on savings. I'll bet it doesn't reflect the 0.5% bank rate.

  peter99co 12:32 06 Mar 2009

I underwent a means test for a number of adaptations and found I had to pay approx £700 of a £7000 upgrade. I though that was reasonable.

  cream. 13:30 06 Mar 2009

one of disabled sons had to have specialist surgery and the house had to be vetted to see if it had the necessary amenities. i.e. downstairs bedroom ( we converted one room), a wet room down stairs and a room to administer medication and treatment.

With in 10 minutes the specialist nurse found the present accommodation to be inadequate, she then called the specialist doctor who got the council's disable advisor round in 24 hours. Within another 24 hours a grant of £35,000 was passed for the extension, an architect was whisked out of fresh air, plans drawn and we were assured no planning application, the council planning dept came out, was needed because of the size and height of the extension and the council had sorted out the contract to the builders before a week had passed.

The whole lot was up and running just before my son came home.

We were told at some point we would be assessed to see if we would have to contribute to the cost but assured that at least 75% would come from the council.

I was asked and was glad to pay £3,000.

  lotvic 13:45 06 Mar 2009

You also should be paying less Council Tax if you have to have adaptations made i.e. Wet Room etc.
You have to notify the Council Tax office that adaptations have been done.

  peter99co 13:49 06 Mar 2009

I hope being North of the border does not create difficulies for you.

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