Mcse Whats it worth?

  Bazz669 16:17 26 Sep 2006

Hi guys,
I Just wanted your opinions please, I know a lot of you work in IT in the UK and this is aimed at you guys.
Ive just started doing an MCSE and have a few questions relating mainly to the salary that I should aim for when my exams are all passed and I have the complete MCSE. But bearing in mind that I dont have any experience in the workplace (Well plenty of workplace experience but none in IT).
The first exam is the 70-290, I will be taking this exam shortly, is it likely that I would be able to gain employment with this alone?
I will continue to carry on with the complete qualification even if I find employment.
I know this sort of thing depends on a lot of variables but if anyone who works in the business could give me their personal opinions on this I would be most gratefull.
Many thanks

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:40 26 Sep 2006

There are many applicants for any jobs in computing especially as many seem to be going to India and all ports west (BA etc.) Many of the larger companies are moving their IT departments abroad. click here makes gloomy reading.

A company that I am involved with, recently advetised for a person to help in it's IT department. The job was basically a clerk and gopher but they had over 190 applicants and over 75% were qualified in IT...the starting salary was 13500/annum + overtime when necessary.

Nearly every advert that I see requires experience rather than basic qualifications. But all is not gloom, I would suggest that you try smaller companies that may not need experience although these are very hard to find. You could also take a loosly related IT job but either way you will be on a small salary. It may be worth down-sizing any expectations in the hope that you will at least geta foot on the ladder.

Sorry to be a bit negative but it is very difficult out their even for qualified people and an MCSE alone will probably not be enough. Try the Goverment departments but many of the IT jobs are really just paper pushing.


  def90csw 16:42 26 Sep 2006

It does depend on what you want to do at the end of it. I went through the CompTIA exams as some are not vendor specific so you get a broader range of different systems & experience.

MCSE is however a worthwhile course to do and will equip you with the knowledge to carry out work to a high standard.

  Bazz669 18:14 26 Sep 2006

Thanks for your opinion folks. Appreciated.
Im just looking for a worthwhile job to be honest. I thought the IT route was the best way to go as Im generally good on computers.
I dont really have any expectations although I would hope to get a job paying around £16000pa although i would take a lower paid one if it came along.
Thanks again for your views.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:23 26 Sep 2006

'over 190 applicants'...should be 90 applicants. If you really want a job you will get one although you may have to accept a lower than expected wage but I firmly believe that hard work, luck and attitude will always reward you. Apply for any old job in a company that has an IT department and pimp yourself to the relevant people at the business. You will be surprised how often this opens doors or even finds them.


  Forum Editor 19:05 26 Sep 2006

Paper qualifications are certainly worth having, but experience is what really counts. Many people think that the IT world is a glamorous one, and in some respects (and for some people) it can be, but...

Most of the time it's sheer hard work, and pretty tedious work at that. I receive many job applications, mostly from people who are just playing the field, and I sympathise with those who are obviously weary of knocking on virtual doors. The IT industry is a tough one in which to survive, the competition is fierce, and employers can be choosy.

Take GANDALF <|:-)>'s advice, and try to get a foot in the door with a smallish company - you don't necessarily have to start in IT. Once you're in you can work away at promoting yourself and your IT skills.

  Bazz669 20:40 26 Sep 2006

Thanks a lot.
Im bery gratefull for your comments cheers.

  Harpur 23:22 26 Sep 2006

you could also try the route i have chosen. after many years of working in retail i have decided to change my career path if possible. for the past 2 years i have went to further education and done an HNC in computing (all done at night, weekends and any other spare time. i feel that i have acheived something as i didn't want to know when i was at school many years ago. now at 43 a have a qualification that 3 years ago i hadn't even thought about. all i knew up to then was self taught. now i have started a conversion course to move onto a diploma which will last for a year. after that i hope to finish off with a degree (a further 2/3 years part time). it maybe seem a long way off doing things, but i was left with few options if i wanted to try a different career.

moral of the story.......

it never is too late to change and i hope you find a path to suit you.

  def90csw 17:10 27 Sep 2006

Must admit my company does not take many on without at least A+ & N+ and then only in a junior role. That said we do offer a good package and most of our techies stay & climb the ladder with the different technical departments.

  keiththebeast 17:20 27 Sep 2006

m8 i used to work for a PR company in London & the IT guys there where basicly trained in IT/IS they was on SILLY money so that might be a point also i would register with some good agencies & if your flexable moving might be a good thing for you...

  Bazz669 03:21 28 Sep 2006

Yea Im thinking the same about the agencies.
I have worked in warehousing and also at a chemical plant. My eyesight got really bad and im not allowed to drive because of it. Also because of health and safety Im not allowed in a warehouse, so all my work experience wont really be any good in the IT industry. Many of my job roles did include office tasks as well. Plus many unofficial roles, I was the person they ask first when the printer dies or anything goes wrong, before IT were informed.
So I needed a totally different job, and as Ive always been pretty good with PCs I thought the MCSE was a good place to start.

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