Mcclaren Buggies

  ulrich 18:35 09 Dec 2009

I realise it could cause injury to your child if you let it stand and stick its fingers in the mechanism. I think these people who are claiming damages to standback and think how stupid they are.
The next thing will be car doors, or front doors etc.

  Helen. 18:55 09 Dec 2009

McClaren had to send to every buggie owner a plastic clip to stop this happening, because of possible law suits. they are quite a few in the pipeline. They decided not to give the same protection to europe.

  peter99co 19:14 09 Dec 2009

I agree but it did happen and is bad design regardless.

How these children got fingers in during the opening of the chair is hard to to understand, but they did.

I bet their are a lot of fingertraps about and one I am aware of is these little folding plastic step-ups on the market.
I have been nipped a few times when setting it up.

  oresome 19:14 09 Dec 2009

If only life were so simple for a parent with two or more children to watch whilst folding a buggy.

Have you tried it?

  ulrich 19:26 09 Dec 2009

It's when they are folding the buggies.
Oresome how long have there been folding buggies?
I'm sorry but this is the lawyer nonsense from America coming once again to England.
Mcclaren are issuing acover but by the looks of them if you are a not with it parent there a few more places where you can trap your fingers.
Commonsense is the answer.

  morddwyd 20:10 09 Dec 2009

Somebody has seen a chance of making some money and taken it.

That's the modern way.

  peter99co 20:15 09 Dec 2009

It is not the folding when it happens it is when it is un-folded.

  JanetO 08:52 10 Dec 2009

The point is McClaren knew there was a problem and pretended there wasn't. No other company's folding push chair has amputated the tips of little fingers.

Now they're doing something about it. Too little too late. Several parents are now going to sue McClaren.

  ulrich 17:40 10 Dec 2009

What are the parents looking at when they fold or unfold the chair, probably their mobile phone or Eastenders?

  peter99co 19:07 10 Dec 2009

Could be the child holds onto the chair for balance, seeing as they are just Tots.

They (the buggies) are an accident waiting to happen.

It has never been shown how many children were injured in the old metal folding pushchairs and if they did get injured the blame was never put down as bad design by the manufacturers.

The modern way is "somebodies got to be sued"

  wiz-king 07:58 11 Dec 2009

The problem could be solved by a re-design but it would cost a lot of money and could put up the cost considerably. I expect they are working on it as the design of things evolve with time and experience, modifying the existing designed chairs would be more of a headache.

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