Quickbeam 12:55 13 Feb 2011

click here- "A spokesman for the Queen declined to comment." I'll take that as a no then...

  OTT_B 13:10 13 Feb 2011

It's an interesting idea, but after 450 years, does Henry VIII really need his named cleared? Other British monarchs have done far worse, without any form of mental illness.

I can't see the Queen giving permission for an exhumation.

  Strawballs 13:59 13 Feb 2011

This would be a total waist of money

  v1asco 14:34 13 Feb 2011

from his portrayal there is obviously enough of him to go around

  spuds 15:22 13 Feb 2011

If it happens, then it looks like a case of all the medical books being change from McLeod's to King Henry VIII syndrome?.

Talking about digging up or finding things out about British Royalty. I wonder if anyone as thought about dredging a canal for the head of Richard III.

  HondaMan 16:09 13 Feb 2011

It seems that these two "researchers" are American. America has no history, well, none to speak of anyway, so they can keep their hands off ours!

I hope the Queen says "naff orff"

  BT 16:54 13 Feb 2011

Shouldn't think there'll be an awful lot left of him after 450 years!

  OTT_B 18:29 13 Feb 2011

" America has no history, well, none to speak of anyway"

The actions of the USA have probably done more to shape modern history than those of any other nation.

Homo sapiens were in the USA a long time before the English arrived - and survived very well, leaving an archaeological treasure trove behind them.

To say that "America has no history" is nonsensical.

  jakimo 20:50 13 Feb 2011

The Americans should investigate their own cranks first,they have plenty of them to be getting on with

  Forum Editor 00:15 14 Feb 2011

they're referring to the relatively short history of the United States.

What they seem to have missed is that America has a history that stretches back some 15000 years, to when there were groups of Athabascan people living in Canada. These people had a common language and a culture of their own.

Around 1200 BC people arrived in Alaska from Asia. They probably spoke an ancestral form of the Tibetan/Chinese language.

Between AD 900 and 1100 there was a flourishing Pueblo civilisation that erected the largest buildings in North America - nothing bigger was seen until the 1800s

So much for no history.

  Strawballs 00:34 14 Feb 2011

The current population of the USA were once seen as illegal imigrants to the native populations.

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