May 27th, that's shallot

  Graham* 23:29 14 Apr 2012

As they say in the onion trade. Look at what the 'End of the world' people are saying now.

  lotvic 00:02 15 Apr 2012

Rats, I'm all behind again... I didn't hear the 1st trumpet

  Mr Mistoffelees 00:06 15 Apr 2012

Methinks the author, of the book referred to on the website, should go back to his nice padded room.

  OTT_B 01:19 15 Apr 2012

27th May? Sorry, it's the Monaco grand prix.

I'll join in WWIII, or whatever is happening, after the delayed spring bank holiday and diamond jubilee bank holiday, on June 6th. Oh. Hang on. I'm away until June 10th, and I just know there'll be hundreds of emails clogging up my inbox that will take me some time to clear when I get back.

Could someone send me WWIII joining instructions for June 15th? I just need to know where to go, what time to be there, and the dress code (smart casual, black tie etc).



  Kevscar1 05:20 15 Apr 2012

Oh my god the Mayans got it wrong, I'll never trust them again

  Condom 15:46 16 Apr 2012

Well I am very glad that the 17th is my pension day as I would hate to go with people owing me money:-)

  Chegs ®™ 03:26 17 Apr 2012

I wont bother to try and read the linked page as white on black makes my eyes water so badly I soon lose my place.

  carver 08:04 17 Apr 2012

Can we have that date moved to the end of June, it's just that it will clash with the wife's 60th birthday and she will make my life a misery if her birthday plans are upset.

  morddwyd 18:26 17 Apr 2012

"white on black makes my eyes water so badly I soon lose my place."

White on black, and some of the other trendy combinations are virtually unreadable to me.

I always set my browser to "Do not let pages use their own colours"

It's far easier to reset this now and again to read the odd page which won't render (maybe once or twice a month) than miss the many pages which are unreadable because of trendy graphics designers!

  Quickbeam 00:01 18 Apr 2012

Should I live it up a little before I regret not having done so before the wrath of Sodom and Gomorrah falls on me and turns me into a pillar of salt...?

  Chegs ®™ 02:27 18 Apr 2012

I always set my browser to "Do not let pages use their own colours"

Prefer simply ignoring the pages as most seem to contain rubbish.I did once find a page which was white text on black background & was of interest to me so I spent a few minutes copy/pasting into Word,read the information & then deleted the Word pages.Thats once in 10+ years,so my statement above rings true.

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