The Matrix

  VNAM75 22:53 06 May 2006

I watched the Matrix trilogy this week but have not understood it until my younger brother explained it to me today.

Do you understand it and do you think in the future (I mean way in to the future) machines or computers could develop/acquire such supreme artificial intelligence as to challenge or threaten human existence?

I know its very sci-fi and probably wont apply in our lifetimes, but I do think about it (sometimes!)

  DrScott 22:57 06 May 2006

Not in our lifetime.

It's been thought about so many times and I would recommend the writings of Philip K Dick (originator of Minority Reports and Bladerunner), Isaac Asimov (Robot series), and my personal contemporary favourite Iain M Banks. Good stories, and glimses at what the future could hold...

Oh, Arthur C Clarke can be a good read too :o)

  SG Atlantis® 23:12 06 May 2006

The Matrix.

How do we know we aren't apart of it now?

  VNAM75 23:21 06 May 2006

Exactly. We dont, do we? :-)

  Forum Editor 23:36 06 May 2006

and put all thoughts of computers threatening human existence out of your head. It will never happen, not in your lifetime, or anyone else's.

  Bodice 23:41 06 May 2006

I fully agree with FE, its a well known fact that man cannot be a lesser being, for that sake, if AI were that intelligent there would always be somethng missing from it so that would never happen.

  Totally-braindead 23:41 06 May 2006

Is that the voice of reason, the Forum Editor?

Or perhaps Mr Smith or one of his associates?

  keith-236134 08:51 07 May 2006

Computers are affecting the way we live now, in a really big way in fact we probably couldn't live without them. They're like women, cant live with them cant live without them.

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:58 07 May 2006

Computers are affecting the way we live now a great deal, but they are firmly under human control and are going to stay that way.

  DrScott 09:17 07 May 2006

Plus you can always unplug a computer...

  wolfie3000 09:21 07 May 2006

Aurthur C Clarkes Rama series i think was his best work.

But why didnt he explain why 3 was so important?

3 Ships 3 doors 3 cities ect.........

As for the Matrix the animatrix helps to explain alot about the background story and well worth watching if you can find it.

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