Mastercard/Paypal Hacked

  BT 08:56 09 Dec 2010

Did anyone else get caught up in the Mastercard/Paypal hacking yesterday.
I was ordering some items from an online store that I have used a number of times. When I came to pay (they use Protex) my cards kept getting rejected. They said that they used the Mastercard verifying system but it wouldn't go there. I tried 3 different cards and couldn't use any of them.

I eventually phoned the company and was told that Mastercard were having a problem, and they took my order and payment details over the phone.

It wasn't till I saw the News later in the evening that I saw the item about the hijacking.
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  jack 09:12 09 Dec 2010

I shopped at ASDA yesterday afternoon and used the Speed Checkout system.
It refused to accept my Visa Charge Card and I had just enough cash on me to get out of the problem.
Though I have had a similar problem in the past and had to 'park' my trolley at the service desk to go and obtain cash from the ATM- which worked OK.
So I assumed at the time it was a problem with that individual station.

  BT 09:15 09 Dec 2010

Makes you worry what's wrong with your cards though doesn't it?

  interzone55 11:42 09 Dec 2010

Neither service was hacked.

Visa. mastercard & Paypal servers were attacked by a concerted Distributed Denial of Service attack organised by the kiddies over at Anonymous in protest at the companies prevention of payments to Wikileaks.

A DDoS attack involves repeated requests for data from thousands of PCs. Often these PCs are parts of botnets, i.e. PCs that are remotely controlled often without the PC owners consent or knowledge as they've been compromised by trojans.
Botnets are usually used for the distribution of spam, but are also regularly used for DDoS attacks...

  jakimo 11:54 09 Dec 2010

those kiddies over at Anonymous were bright enough to stop you and everyone else using the service

  interzone55 14:42 09 Dec 2010

Firstly, I've noticed absolutely no ill effects, so they've no affected me in the slightest.

Secondly, on the whole they're not that bright, most of them use software downloaded from Pirate Bay and the like to launch the attacks. The bright people are the ones who write the software in the first place then release it into the wild.

Most people on anonymous are like a flash mob, someone says "heY leTs ALl atTAck MSN nExt tuESday" and the sheep simply follow...

  BT 16:36 09 Dec 2010


Whatever you want to call it, it caused ME considerable inconvenience. The BBCnews report at 8pm said it 'was hacked' which is good enough for me. If you want to be pedantic and bandy words so be it.
It involved for me a phone call to an 0871 number, and yes I know about saynoto0870, but I didn't have the time or inclination to mess about.

  interzone55 17:06 09 Dec 2010

When a site or server is "hacked" it means that someone has gained access to the site/server with the potential to compromise any date held there.

I thought it was important to point out that at no point was any server in danger of compromise they there just otherwise engaged coping with page requests from idiots with nothing better to do.

I'm sorry if my pedantry offended you in any way...

  interzone55 17:19 09 Dec 2010

This story details a bit more about the botnet army currently doing Anonymous's bidding...

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  Forum Editor 19:06 09 Dec 2010

Don't apologise, you were right to point out the important difference. The Mastercard server wasn't hacked - the BBC was wrong if it said that.

Hacking is an entirely different thing to a Distributed Denial of Service attack. Hacking involves a considerable amount of expertise, whereas a DDoS requires none whatsover.

The media love the word 'hacked', with all its connotations of dark, mysterious forces at work. There were no dark, mysterious forces at work on the Mastercard and PayPal incidents, just a bunch of misguided youngsters with nothing more constructive on their minds.

The result of their actions was that lots of small businesses lost a good deal of trade.

  BT 08:38 10 Dec 2010

..and the big ones too.
Amazon got the treatment yesterday - according to the BBC!

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