Market Forces or Exploitation?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:36 30 Nov 2007

Dixons response to the Wii shortage this Christmas

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Why would anyone want a PSP with a Wii, a DS I could understand.

I take the pink psp is not a great seller.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:45 30 Nov 2007

No one is forced to buy it or really needs it, so market forces (perceived) ticks the box.


  spuds 14:14 01 Dec 2007

I was in Asda yesterday, and they had a notice informing people that they were out of stock, didn't know when they would get new stock, would not hold reserves or take customers details, would only supply one per customer if and when stocks became available etc etc etc.

Now thats what you call good marketing. Haven't we experienced similar things in the past. I wonder why?.

  wolfie3000 05:42 02 Dec 2007

I hate nintendos wii, awefull console, i guess its good for small children as many of the games have cartoony flat 2 dimentional graphics but for anyone over 8 its horrible.

As for the PSP what can i say, its the ultimate portable media centre, plays mp3s, videos can display pictures hold files and even surf online with it,

As for that advert, just buy your kids an Xbox 360 with a sony PSP they will thank you for it. :)

  Arthur Scrimshaw 11:00 02 Dec 2007

What are you doing up at that time on a sunday?!

I know your views on the Wii, but the issue I was raising is how Dixon's are aparently dumping slow or non moving stock on Customers who probably would not consider buying a PSP otherwise.

I hope you can admit that the Wii has been a runaway success for Nintendo, and sees them returning to the top spot of the big three, the PSP whilst not an abject failure, certainly hasn't captured the market in the way the DS has. As we have talked about before, it's not always about power and specs, but about the games.

Gandalf is right (of course) but seeing Retailers behave this way certainly influences my future buying plans with them.

  Chegs ®™ 11:50 02 Dec 2007

Mario + Sonic? Yuck,these games have never "floated my boat"

  ayrmail 23:14 02 Dec 2007

Take a look at ebay,market forces at work people prepared to pay over the odds.

  lisa02 09:58 04 Dec 2007

Same thing last year.

Wii shortage and GAME cashed in, making you buy a whopping bundle that came to over £400.

If memory serves the queue was stretching right round the shop and out the doors into the mall.

I wanted one then but wouldn't have dreamt of paying £400 for a bundle... was I disappointed?

Yes but I couldn't blame GAME for cashing in.
If I was manager I'd have done the same.

Dixons bundle is a bit mad though and you can clearly see they're trying to flog stuff that won't shift, as in the Original PSP in pink. I can't see queues forming for this bundle.

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