Margate Murders

  Pine Man 19:22 16 Nov 2007

Margate is in Kent but when they show the outside of the house where the bodies are found the major incident van parked there belongs to Essex Police. Whenever the police hold a briefing for the media it is an Essex senior officer doing all the talking.

Can't Kent Police carry out a murder enquiry or am I missing something?

  laurie53 19:28 16 Nov 2007

It's the murder, or at least the disappearance, of an Essex girl they are investigating, so it's the Essex police who are doing the investigation.

They have just found another body.

  Forum Editor 23:14 16 Nov 2007

if investigations show that the circumstances in which other girls vanished give cause to believe that they may have suffered the same fate as the two girls whose remains have so far been discovered.

  Jak_1 23:17 16 Nov 2007

Police Foreces up and down the country are reviewing unsolved murders of girls in light of this case as there may be links.

  Brumas 23:33 16 Nov 2007

I sincerely hope that this doesn't turn out to be a crime in the style of Fred West.

  crosstrainer 07:01 17 Nov 2007

I have just heard the news...It seems that tragically, the police are not ruling out the possibility of finding more human reamins at the house.

They say they will be looking for at least another week, digging up concrete and stripping walls, in order to return the house to what it looked like in the '90's when these appalling crimes occured.

  crosstrainer 07:01 17 Nov 2007

Sorry remins=remains

  wiz-king 08:05 17 Nov 2007

I feel sorry for any families who have lived there since. Imagine finding out that your house has at least two bodies buried in the garden.

  Forum Editor 08:10 17 Nov 2007

The family that lived there is being accommodated in a nearby hotel, and will never return to the house, which will probably be demolished when this is over.

  Mike D 08:49 17 Nov 2007

The man arrested is Peter Tobin; why do I think that I have heard that name previously on the national news?


  Pine Man 09:01 17 Nov 2007

It just struck me as strange that Essex Police would be doing it but as has been said the enquiry started because of the Essex girl.

Thanks for your views. I'll tick this as resolved.

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