Manual or Automatic?

  Z1100 19:57 08 Mar 2007

I have had 'a few' cars but the one I have just sold was an Automatic Transmission and the New one is Automatic too.

Four years ago I would not test drive an Automatic Car let alone buy one, however a trip to USA sorted that out as the hire car was Automatic. What an eye opener that was!

I now love them, don't think I will go back to a 'stick' it is so much easier to drive the Automatic, so how come they are not as common over here...?


  Confab 19:59 08 Mar 2007

Automatic - No messing around with gears for me. Two hands on the wheel and nice relaxing driving.

As a current learner driver, I started in an automatic then moved to a manual car, but to be honest, I think I prefer the manual (well after I finally grasped the clutch) as I feel you have more control over the car but I agree an automatic does makes a more "luxurious" and relaxing drive.

I've asked my grandad why automatics are not more common in the UK and his answer was that in the past they were quite a bit more expensive and suffered from reliability issues. That has changed for the most part now so perhaps as time goes on we will see more and more automatics roaming our roads.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:06 08 Mar 2007

so how come they are not as common over here...?

the price of an autmatic compared with a manual is considerably more on most models in this country.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:08 08 Mar 2007

Possibly historical due to relative levels of available horsepower. The first auto I drove was a mini 850. The least said about that performance the better. Suffice to say that it put me off autos for a long time.

Next foray was a rover V8 auto. That showed me what an auto could be like with enough power to drive the box properly.

I also recently had the loan of a renault premium tractor unit when my erf's ecu went pear shaped. The renault had a 12 speed sequential box coupled to an automatic clutch. Kind of like a manual clutch worked by the computer. Put it into drive and nothing happened, unlike the creep you get in a car with a torque converter. Charicteristics like a twist and go scooter. slight amount of gas and away you go. Was terrible round town though, as when you wanted to pull out from a junction, you waited for a gap in the traffic and stomped the loud pedal. The entire rig takes off like a ferret with its dangly bits on fire, goes about 20 feet then the ecu decides its time to change gear so it cuts power while it does a 2 second gear shift. Thats a L-o-o-o-o-o-ng time to be stuck in the middle of the road with no drive.

Ah well, waffling again.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:10 08 Mar 2007

Auot, last 4 cars have been auto and I wouldn't have anything else. Using a clutch and fiddling with a stick is so twentieth century.


  merc. 20:18 08 Mar 2007

My last 4 cars also have been autos, still cant understand why the British are so anti automatics.


  josie mayhem 20:18 08 Mar 2007

Aotomatic no thank you....

I like to drive my cars...

  oresome 20:22 08 Mar 2007

I think the reasons they're not more popular in the UK are the price premium, the added complexity if things go wrong, the slight loss of performance and the mpg penalty.

I used to drive Fords with a 3 speed box. They've now got 6 wonder automatics are a very tempting alternative.

  interzone55 20:26 08 Mar 2007

Autos are more expensive, they use more fuel and and take the fun out of driving.

Mind you, the first Auto I ever drove was, like WhiteTruckMan, a Mini 850, not a car to drive when one's in a hurry.

  Z1100 20:27 08 Mar 2007

That sounds a lot, I would agree except that was not comparing the same cars. One was a Renault Megane the other a Renault Laguna.

The Megane was £20.00 pcm more expensive than the Automatic Laguna. The Laguna had 'standard equipment' that was 'extra' in the Megane. Guess what we took. ;)

Oh, and it is 2 litre, but I don't go in for horses and torque. That's what my bike is for...

josie mayhem; Where do you live that allows you to 'drive'. Down here where I am a 17 mile journey to work is 50 mins on an average day.


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