For The Man Who Has Everything? Ultimate Boy's Toy

  oresome 16:49 29 Mar 2011

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If storing it poses a problem how about something a little smaller. Perhaps one of three Type-42 destroyers - HMS Exeter, HMS Southampton and HMS Nottingham?

  Pineman100 17:33 29 Mar 2011

"We 'ave already got one. Eet's very nice".

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  OTT_B 21:46 29 Mar 2011

They've got some very odd stuff on the edisposals site:

click here;pgid=MieqQ4wkQg8000ArvQ_8K1sp0000N3gFXanZ?ProductUUID=vI7AqBIQVBgAAAEjh10K76Av&CatalogCategoryID=kjrAqBELD48AAAD_pWxpc4dz&JumpTo=OfferList

"This is a brake hose. This item is in good condition. This item is untested and comes with No Guarantee.
VAT included in price – order now to avoid disappointment"

All for the low low price of £26.
Disappointment? In not ordering a part that no one knows what it might fit?????? Very strange!

  Strawballs 13:13 17 May 2011

You can go one better soon I think HMS Arc Royal will be on there soon.

I would not go for Nottingham it was the one that run aground in Australia and had so much of it's hull replaced had it been a car it would have been classed a write off. Nottingham Damage

  peter99co 15:07 17 May 2011

HMS Illustrious

HMS Illustrious will be withdrawn in 2014

You could take off from one and land on the other!

  dagbladet 15:51 18 May 2011

The 'Ark' is on there No tax or MOT

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