Man pretends to be his own dead mother

  Armchair 22:22 18 Jun 2009

in order to claim benefits.......

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'I held my mother when she was dying and breathed in her last breath, so I am my mother,' Prusik-Parkin said when he was arrested.

  Picklefactory 09:16 19 Jun 2009

I doubt the DHSS here would have been particularly surprised if they came up against it. A friend of mine works for them and has told me many examples of the cheek of some claimants.

I remember one where he had an Asian man arriving to collect a comparitively hefty benefit payment, the Asian reference is only there as what had enabled it to continue for some time was that nobody had questioned it until my friend noticed that the claimants name was a female name. Many of the counter staff were not Asian, and not realised this fact, not being familiar with Asian names. It turned out the claim was originally his daughters, his reason for collecting it was that she had recently started a well paid job, so obviously was in no position to come and collect her free money from the Government during office hours, so he was just collecting it for her!!!

That seems to be the mentality of quite a number of claimants, so I'm told, it's just free money that we can get regardless of any other income.

  JanetO 11:38 19 Jun 2009

This one made me laugh.

  anchor 13:22 19 Jun 2009

I recall my step daughter, who at one time worked for the DSS, telling me a story.

An elderly Indian gentleman of 86 years came in to claim for a new baby of his that had been born in India. My step daughter was surprised, to say the least, and asked for some documentary proof, like a birth certificate. He replied that in his remote village they did not have such things.

She refused his claim, and he appealed to the supervisor. The supervisors reply to my step daughter was to pay him, as taking it further would cause "problems".

  dagnammit 14:20 19 Jun 2009

Well they do advertise it as "it's money with your name on it". :(

Everyday I walk past a DSS on my way to work and I see the scammers pull up in their cars carrying all sorts of pink and green forms in with a baby under the other arm.

We have an army of eastern europeans in our place employed as cleaners and none of them will work more than 16 hours as it effects what the can get in Tax Credits.

Damn I hate the lot of sponging *expletives omitted for forum rules* that our society seems to be awash with.

  Cymro. 14:40 19 Jun 2009

You say
"Damn I hate the lot of sponging *expletives omitted for forum rules* that our society seems to be awash with".

Yes and so do I but I hate even more all those who fiddle every penny they can by failing to pay their taxes. They are usually the better of in out society and have no excuse for doing so.

There are also those I pity who for reasons of being too proud or just not knowing about DSS benefits never claim the social security benefits that they are fully entitled to.

  Noldi 14:42 19 Jun 2009

This reminds me of a not dissimilar memory from my childhood.

When we where young my family owned a farm and next door was a very large estate with a lot of land. The owner was an old military colonel out of the empire running the railways in India he had never married. His Mother was a member of the Woman’s Institute and she used to take eggs etc to the WI market once a week, when she died he used to take any old apples etc that the suppliers would not take from his orchards because the quality was very poor and try to sell them at the WI under his mother’s name (tight old git), The WI had one hell of a battle to find out if his mother was still alive and to ban him from the WI market.


  Armchair 16:33 19 Jun 2009

I have no doubts whatsoever that the system is massively abused. I also doubt whether much is done about it.

Solution:- Stop it. Restart it from scratch. A mammoth task, but I think it's going to have to done eventually, so they'd best start now.

  Cymro. 17:22 19 Jun 2009

Do you think they should do the same thing with our tax system and so stop all those wealthy people from evading paying as much as they should?

  jack 17:27 19 Jun 2009

"Damn I hate the lot of sponging *expletives omitted for forum rules* that our society seems to be awash with

Asians, Eastern Europeans and as well as natives then of course the those who appear to be better at it and getting away with it than anybody up to now
MP's and and the Lords

Hey -if you cant beat 'em - join em

Will I see any of you behind me in the queue?

  Armchair 17:31 19 Jun 2009

You're one of these benefits abusers, aren't you?!

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