This man has my admiration.

  dagnammit 12:16 07 Oct 2009

click here

Such restraint... cool, calm and collected.

  dagbladet 12:33 07 Oct 2009

What is it?

No youtube at work.

  OTT_Buzzard 12:45 07 Oct 2009


  dagnammit 12:47 07 Oct 2009

A chav victimising a man at his own home, with support from a mob in the background.

Little did the chav realise his victim is a martial artist. Shows such restraint, blocks the chavs attacks... with one quick jab the chav falls to the ground and crawls away.

  tein 12:54 07 Oct 2009

Im not sure if FE will let this ride! the point here is that the guy in the black was being subject to a verbal & threating abuse by some chav! that looks like he was cocky due to there been some of his family & friends there! i feel for the guy in the black t-shirt!" ive seen this situation get out of hand before! if he had of gone inside no doubt the days of people like this young lad walking away have long gone! he would of banged on his windows or damaged his bike! this is fueled by the people stood watching & taking video of it!!

  sunnystaines 13:42 07 Oct 2009

good one

  jakimo 18:36 07 Oct 2009

"people like this young lad walking away"

I saw a bully get his come-uppance and crawl away

  Forum Editor 19:10 07 Oct 2009

is aggression, pure and simple. One person spoiling for a fight trying to provoke another person. What makes it different from the thousands of similar incidents that occur each day is a) it was recorded and b) the aggressor received a shock - his chosen victim turned out to be no pushover.

There's not much more to say - incidents like this have always happened, and they always will. There's nothing new about it, apart from the fact that it's available for millions to view.

  natdoor 08:15 08 Oct 2009

Not very well acted and even more poorly filmed.So much for British cinema.

  Quickbeam 09:14 08 Oct 2009

That's the new 'reality cinema'... coming to a cinema near you:)

  Seth Haniel 14:55 08 Oct 2009

the villain has rights and the victim will get his cum-upance from the courts

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