Man bites dog.......

  realist 16:49 29 Oct 2007

Daughter recently acquired a puppy (of a breed appropriately named *[email protected]:-zoo, or something like that).

The wife being a kind-hearted soul bought the mutt some doggy snacks that looked a lot like pepperoni.

She'd quite carelessly left them on the kitchen worktop and the packet carried words like "salami" and "spicy" so I looked no further before opening them and..........!!!

Apparently, the large picture of a dog on the front of the packet was supposed to mean something?

Took a while to get shot of the taste of those I can tell you.

So...what exotic delicacies have you yourself tasted?

  Forum Editor 16:53 29 Oct 2007

that in the pet-food industry humans routinely taste-test the products, so you're in good company.

  MrBen CI:-) 17:01 29 Oct 2007

When at School went on Survial Course and got to eat various fluffy animals that most people keep as pets.

  bjh 17:42 29 Oct 2007

Note that BSE-suspect meat was completely removed from the Pedigree pet food production line some three years before it was banned for human consumption.

I have often thought those little tins of "posh" dog nosh (Cesar and the like) look much more appetising than your average pot of Shipham's pate/puree!

However, I confess I eat neither!

  Totally-braindead 17:51 29 Oct 2007

There was an article in the Sunday Post some years ago about a woman who routinely tested dog and cat food for the supermarket she worked for.

Theres also a book called Emma and I about a blind woman and her guide dog and it has a story in it about when she invited a friend to tea and served her canned steak and her guest wouldn't eat it, presumably because she could see what it looked like. The blind woman thought it tasted the same as usual.
Perhaps you can guess. She got the canned steak and the dog food for her guide dog mixed up and as she could eat it she had to presume she had done this before.
I remember when I read this I wondered what make of canned steak she was eating if she couldn't tell the difference between it and dog food. Course I could have it wrong, perhaps its just that dog food is really tasty. Who knows.

  wolfie3000 18:01 29 Oct 2007

I have never eaten dog food but iv eaten something even worse,

Once i bought a pasty (Own brand) from a well known supermarket and as i was eating it to my horror i found something in it that made me physically throw up,

A VEIN yes a vein, a long thin chewy tube,

I felt ill for the rest of the day. :(

  Totally-braindead 18:10 29 Oct 2007

Thanks for that wolfie3000 now I feel sick.

  Legolas 18:17 29 Oct 2007

Thanks I am heaving over a bucket as I write this ;-o

  egapup 18:58 29 Oct 2007

When we were kids we shot a crow and cooked it over a fire.....not nice.

  laurie53 19:19 29 Oct 2007

Chocolate covered ants are good (commercial product, available in some exotic countries).

Regularly ate dog biscuits as a child, found them rather good.

Horse meat is much better than the reputation it has, and to my eternal shame, during the war I ate whale meat. I'm sorry to say it is absolutely delicious, and whale meat sausages are out of this world, remember them still, sixty odd years on!

  justme 19:28 29 Oct 2007

Just to go off the subject slightly, why is it that when I buy a tin of human food it has a picture on the outside related to the actual contents, but when I buy dog food with a picture of a dog on the outside there is no mention of a dog anywhere in the ingredients.

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