Man arrested for using a mp3 player

  anchor 12:59 19 Mar 2008

The police state has arrived.

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Even though the police must have quickly discovered the facts, he was arrested and his fingerprints and DNA taken. He now has a police record.

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:17 19 Mar 2008

The idiot who called the police should be arrested and charged with wasting police time.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:20 19 Mar 2008

It was an honest mistake. 'The idiot who called the police should be arrested and charged with wasting police time' would be the first to whine and whinge if it was a gun and no one informed the police /sigh.


  Mr Mistoffelees 13:23 19 Mar 2008 never seen an mp3 player that looks remotely like a gun.

  User-1235809 13:28 19 Mar 2008

There should surely be a way to protest at the police keeping records of a totally innocent citizen in this way.

I personally have no problem with DNA, they can have mine whenever they want, but I would object strongly to a record being kept that I had been arrested on suspicion of a firearms offence.

  peter99co 13:29 19 Mar 2008

Do they hold up a sign saying stop or we shoot? I think he was very lucky to be still around. If I have my MP3 on I can't hear a thing.It's a good job he did not run away in panic. He should claim for compensation. How did it go so far? They must have seen he had no weapon within a very short time of being stopped.Or is this conveyer belt policing.No stopping till all aspects have been checked just to boost the statistics.

  kingisangus 13:30 19 Mar 2008

Why would Mr Mistoffelees be the first to 'whinge and whinge' had it been a gun? What on earth gives you in the insight to make such a sweeping statement?

To arrest a man at gunpoint and then still take him eto teh station and fingerprint and DNA sample him for using an MP3 player is absurd, if you cannot see that i really do despair.

Yes the police have to respond to calls from the members of public, even if it is a lunatic who cant tell the difference between a small plastic music player and a handgun. But the situation shouild have been resolved in the van, no need to give this poor guy a record for the rest of his life.

  peter99co 13:36 19 Mar 2008

The reason he held it (the mp3) out was probably to see the small writing on the device. Perhaps he was long/short sighted like me.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:54 19 Mar 2008

'What on earth gives you in the insight to make such a sweeping statement'...errrm human nature, something you might be acquainted with. people moan when people are stopped/searched and then moan if they are not and they then commit a crime. Sometimes you cannot win. A MISTAKE was made by a member of the public, get real and accept it. Having your fingerprints taken and a DNA sample is not the end of the world and suggesting a claim for compensation beggars belief.


  peter99co 14:19 19 Mar 2008

I to was surrounded by police many years ago in Skipton. My car had broken down and the local garage could not fix it but allowed me to sort it out on their forecourt after closing time. My friend and myself were 'under the bonnet' and suddenly surrounded by cars and policemen. We all had a good laugh after at the local pub,police included,once we had proved we were innocent. A local had called the police in case we were stealing the car. That was realistic policing. Good common sense.

  anchor 14:52 19 Mar 2008

The point at issue is, not that the police felt the need to take action after receiving the call. It is their stupidity in arresting the man, taking fingerprints and DNA back at the station, and logging the arrest on the system.

Surely a quick search at the scene would have revealed that he had nothing more dangerous on him than the mp3 player. That would have ended the matter.

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