Man arrested for citizen's arrest

  peter99co 20:47 13 May 2009

This is not a first I'll bet.

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Call for law to protect homeowner

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"It sickens me to think that you could end up in court for protecting your own life and your own property,"

  jellyhead 21:59 13 May 2009

It does appear to be unfair at times, but the law concerning this is not straight forward.
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  Charence 22:03 13 May 2009

Surely the policeman making the arrest must have the common sense to feel what they're doing is not "right".

Maybe they expect homeowners to invite burglars into the house and discuss what weapons they intend to use over a cup of tea?

  Charence 22:06 13 May 2009

Thanks for the link. The conditions appear to be quite reasonable actually.

  dan11 22:21 13 May 2009

Det Insp Andy Pritchard said: "If there is an allegation of crime, we are duty-bound to investigate."

That made me laugh.

  Forum Editor 23:18 13 May 2009

when discussing incidents like this. If you take the trouble to read the article in its entirety you'll see that the police spokesperson said:

"We've received quite a number of allegations from quite a large number of people stating there is a serious allegation here of assault and the carrying of a weapon." That seems to me to be an excellent reason for arresting a person with a view to finding out a little more about what actually happened.

As for your comment that "It sickens me to think that you could end up in court for protecting your own life and your own property,"

Where in the article does it say that this man's life was in jeopardy? You have a perfect right to protect your own property, but you don't have a right to assault anyone while you're about it. As always, it's a good idea to wait until all the facts are known, rather than making a judgment based on a few words in an online news item. It may well be the case that this man is innocent of any offence, but as it stands we don't know.

  anchor 09:19 14 May 2009

How very different the law is in Mississippi.

Our friends live in Jackson, the husband served in the US air-force for 30 years and still has his Colt 45 Automatic pistol.

He has made is clear that if he wakes up in the night and finds an intruder in his house, he will shoot them on the spot. Apparently this is legal; they should not have been there in the first place.

  peter99co 12:30 14 May 2009

Call for law to protect homeowner

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  brindly 17:08 14 May 2009

It seems pretty clear to me that if a person is in my house uninvited and will not leave I should have the right to eject them with reasonable force. If that person is armed with any kind of weapon then I would not hesitate to hit them with whatever was at hand at the time. "Mr McGilloway challenged Moore, who was armed with weights tied together, and broke his nose." He was lucky it was only his nose that was broken. I have no sympathy for these people and it is about time the law was used to protect the law abiding public and not to try and get a reduced sentence.

  Teaboy 17:40 14 May 2009

I respectfully point out- Mr McGilloway was arrested for assault, and not for detaining chummy. Which he is entitled so to do, with the minimum of force used.

Now if, while holding our unlawful friend, he struggles violently and accidentally rubs his face on the wall of the house, our detaining householder could not be held to blame.

  brindly 19:42 14 May 2009

I would love to see the reaction of all the bleeding heart liberals if they were put in the same position. Its ok to pontificate from the comfort of your arm chairs but when it happens to you that would be a different kettle of fish. I am sorry but i wouldn't take the chance of being injured or as seems to be the norm now, kicked or stabbed to deat. "There but for the grace of god"

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