Male pill axed...

  Quickbeam 08:36 14 Jan 2008

click here I choked on my toast reading this one :)

For decades this conclusion has been known by all, especially women... yet some research team at Strathclyde University spend £200,000 over 8 years to discover the obvious!

Send them for retraining at the faculty of common sense...

  Chegs ®™ 13:41 14 Jan 2008

That hurts.Women dont trust men to take the pill?

I'm pretty sure that if asked,men might think women cease taking the pill to fall pregnant in the hope of "trapping" their chosen bloke.

  Stuartli 14:12 14 Jan 2008

Perhaps just using the axe might prove more effective...:-)

  spikeychris 14:42 14 Jan 2008

I remember reading somewhere it’s a balancing act to get all the ingredients in the pill. Are men expected to balance the pill? Neat trick at the best of times but after a few glasses of vino I don’t think I would be able to...maybe that’s it..

  €dstowe 15:34 14 Jan 2008

That last comment reminds me of the everlasting pill (for women).

It is not taken but is held between the knees whenever the matter raises itself.

  laurie53 21:15 14 Jan 2008

Would most women believe a man if he told them he was sterile, or had had a vasectomy?

I doubt it!

  robgf 13:39 15 Jan 2008

Perhaps women are worried that men will continue to take the pill without telling them, when the woman wants to get pregnant.
No more unilateral "we are having a baby" statements by women, whether the bloke wants kids or not.

  Si_L 15:36 15 Jan 2008

I think the male pill is a good idea and its a shame they have axed it.

The pill as we know it is 99.5pc effective, but its 'real world' effectiveness is only 97pc, as women occasionally forget to take it. But 0.5pc is quite a number when population is concerned (ie 60 million people, half women, 0.5pc of 30 million is 150,000, although not all able to conceive).

The male pill has a very close effectiveness rate (just over 99pc), and when coupled with normal pill would give an effectiveness rate of 99.97 by my shoddy maths (60 million people, half women, 0.03 pc of 30 million is only 9,000).

Please correct me if my maths is wrong.

  Legolas 18:10 15 Jan 2008

I am a bit confused (nothing new there then I hear you cry)Does that mean if a man forgets to take the pill he will then get pregnant? ;)

  Forum Editor 19:28 15 Jan 2008

and it's hardly surprising to learn they wouldn't trust men to take a pill. They're absolutely right - plenty of men wouldn't bother, and in the heat of the moment they would lie about it.

  Chegs ®™ 07:15 16 Jan 2008

"plenty of men wouldn't bother, and in the heat of the moment they would lie about it."

The same could be said about women too.True,they have the pregnancy to endure but I know of several young women who fell pregnant as it was a shortcut to gaining their own home,and the poor guy was suckered in a few instances by the woman.

There are many financial reasons why men wouldnt forget though,having been on the wrong end of the child support agency myself.Some of the cash sums these faceless people dream up amazes me,my daughter was living with me and staying at her mothers whenever she liked yet the CSA were regularly phoning me asking why I hadnt been paying my (then ex) GF maintenance of £130 per week.When I explained for the umpteenth time my daughter was actually resident with me they then wanted to know when this "change" had occurred.

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