The Maldives, island paradise?

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:44 20 May 2012
  daz60 20:51 20 May 2012

Inevitable,the consequence of the wasteful societies we have become.from the middens from which archaeologists uncover the details of our past to the wastelands of Africa the Americas and Asia where people eke a living from humanities detritus.

This waste has to be disposed of but 'we' choose to spend more on killing the planet than saving it.

  daz60 20:54 20 May 2012

That should read ....the planet and ourselves,in war or peace.

  Aitchbee 22:07 20 May 2012

My friend William, who is a road sweeper on the pavements of Glasgow (south-side), would have that heap cleared up in no time.

  Forum Editor 23:43 20 May 2012

Over 90% of Maldive government revenue comes from tourism, and it is the tourist industry which generates a large proportion of the waste.

There are 1900 islands in the Maldives, and 1700 of those are unpopulated. That means there are plenty of small islands to choose from as garbage dumps, it's an easy option.

The answer? As always it's a question of money. The people of the islands aren't going to accept increased taxes to pay for waste generated by tourists, so the burden must fall on the tourist industry. That means higher prices for holidays, and that means fewer tourists, and so it goes on.

  Condom 01:24 21 May 2012

As many of the tourists go there for the SCUBA diving I'm very glad that they are at least storing it above water.

  ams4127 20:53 21 May 2012

I spent a happy year at Adu Atoll (AKA RAF Gan) from 1966 to '67.

We played golf, football, rugby, and tennis. We swam a lot and we drank even more!

Even found time to service a few aircraft too. Mostly Comet 4c and VC10. We had an old MK2 Shacleton based there for air sea rescue.

All male RAF community (about 250) with the locals arriving by boat each day. They even had to pay for the priviledge of rowing themselves to and from the island.

HMS Ark Royal arrived for a visit and some of us were invited on board to look around. How those naval airmen worked in the hangar deck, in that heat, was incredible.

We played the Ark at rugby. We lost 56 - nil (if memory serves). I got two broken ribs and several loose teeth, but the party afterwards was well worth it!

  flycatcher1 22:47 21 May 2012

At one time the Powers decided to get a real Dust Bin Tipper lorry to deal with the rubbish on RAF Gan. On the first day of operation the lorry trundled round the camp and, when full of rubbish, was driven onto a landing craft.

The craft motored out to the deep lagoon and the doors were opened. The dust cart was positioned on the edge and the tipper mechanism operated.

You can guess what happened - the landing craft came back empty.

Had some happy days at Gan and managed to be on the last but one aircraft northbound.

  Bingalau 16:05 22 May 2012

Ah yes the Maldives, I also have the "T" shirt for having visited them, whilst serving on HMS Ceylon back in 1953. I remember buying my wife a little home made gold ring with a ruby for about three quid at a little market on the beach. I gauged the size by remembering where her wedding ring came to on my little finger. She loved that little ring and though I spent many more hundreds if not thousands of pounds on jewellery later for her. It was always one of her favourites. We had it valued in Liverpool and it came out at about £300,00. If I had known at the time I would have stocked up.

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